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Performance Standard of Concrete Mixing Plant

Friday 2nd December 2016 7:05 AM


Concrete Mixing Plant Host should meet the mixing ability, mixing quality uniformity, high productivity. For dry hard, semi-rigid, plastic and a variety of ratio of concrete mixing effect of good standards. Lubrication system, spindle drive system are used a full set of imported, the hydraulic door mechanism can be adjusted according to the discharge gate opening. Mixing machine mixing shaft with anti-adhesion technology to effectively prevent the cement on the shaft of the agglomeration, shaft seal with a unique multi-seal structure, effectively prevent the leakage of mortar and ensure the continuous long-term operation of the mixing system. Cleaning system uses high-pressure water pump automatic control plus manual control;ready mix concrete plant for sale

The water hole is located above the stirring spindle, to improve the efficiency of mixing, increase water mist to reduce dust pollution and effective removal of cement agglomeration.manufacturing plants for sale

Zhengzhou Haomei Machinery Equipment co.,ltd. of China, which specialize in manufacturing concrete batching plant,mobile batch plant,concrete truck mixer,bulk cement truck,trailer concrete pump,wheel loader,block making machine and asphalt mixing plant.

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Heat Preservation Measures of Concrete batching Plant

Wednesday 19th August 2015 2:42 AM


Under the condition of low temperature in cold region, the mixing system, discharging door, air cylinder and mixing blades of small concrete batching plants are easy to freeze. These problems seriously reduce the efficiency of mobile concrete batching plant and the concrete quality can not be guaranteed. According to the local climate conditions, it is hard to meet the requirement of construction only with a single method.The heat preservation measures of skip type concrete batching plant mainly contain aggregate storage bin, belt conveyor, mixing console, reservoir and additive.

The aggregate storage bin of concrete batching plant is to build greenhouse, and the height of greenhouse should meet the loader loading height;The belt conveyor of concrete batching plant is covering the device with the heat preservation cotton or warm blanket to prevent sand heat losses;The mixing console,according to the characteristics of concrete batching plant, mixing console is in the mixing building room. In the cold winter, close the mixing console tightly and heat up with 2kw heating tube.;Before starting the mixing console of mobile concrete batching plant, every part must be examined whether it is flexible or not. Heat up the gear box of concrete mixer to prevent the control apparatus from burning down.

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Portable Medium Sized Concrete mixing Plant

Wednesday 29th July 2015 2:01 AM


Portable concrete batching plant has excellent field transferring performance. The concrete mixer and the feeding belt machine are folded on the frame, so users can directly use truck to drag and transfer the mobile concrete batching plant. The recommended translational speed is 10-15km/h. At the same time, mobile concrete batching plant has modular design, so users can select according to their requirements.

Portable concrete batch plant belongs to mobile concrete batching plant. It is convenient to move portable concrete batching plant from site to site. haomei Machinery Co., Ltd introduce two portable medium sized concrete batch plants to you: HZSY35 and HZSY50 concrete batching plants.

Portable medium sized concrete batch plant is composed of aggregate batching plant, concrete mixer, control system, powder weighing system, water and additive weighing system.Mobile concrete batching plant is designed and developed by Zhengzhou haomei Machinery Co., Ltd for users whose construction has short construction period, long construction line and frequent transfer.Portable medium sized concrete batch plant is featured by compact structure, small floor area coverage, convenient installation and removal, high degree of automation, so mobile concrete batching plant is widely applied in road construction, bridge construction, water conservancy, power station and other infrastructure construction.

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Concrete batching Plant Daily Maintenance

Monday 8th June 2015 8:51 AM


In order to maintain the high efficiency of concrete batching plant for a long period and prolong the service life of concrete mixing plant,Users need to pay more attention to concrete mixing plant daily maintenance.. it is essential to do concrete mixing plant daily maintenance.After using concrete mixing plant, users need do some simple inspection and maintenance to trailer concrete batching plant at each day and make sure every part of concrete mixing plant is at normal working condition.

Concrete mixing plant daily maintenance are as followings:

After working, shut down concrete batching plant in accordance with the normal production specification.After confirming the concrete mixing plant is shut down, inspect the mixing blades and scaleboard of concrete mixer and replace them if necessary. Check whether the fasteners are loose.Inspect the surface of conveyor and replace it if needed.If concrete mixing plant has not been used for a long time, before using concrete mixing plant again, clean up aggregate storing bin. Avoid cement to be hardened.

As a specialist of concrete mixer and concrete batching plant, we are ready to work to your specifications. We offer a variety of cement concrete batching plant

Haomei low price concrete batching plant have sold to Europe, Africa, Asia and Africa. Contact us today for further details.

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