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JDC350 Concrete Mixer Equipment

Thursday 3rd November 2016 7:08 AM


Stirring system: Stirring system consists of stirring shaft, stirring tank, shaft end sealing mechanism, bearing and so on. The stirring shaft is arranged in the horizontal position in the center of the stirring tank, and the stirring station is equipped with a stirring blade and a left and right scraper, and the stirring tank is provided with an arc liner plate and a side liner plate.

Transmission system: JDC350 mixer drive system mainly by the motor, mixing gear box and drive and mixing shaft and other components. The motor is directly mounted on an end surface fixed to the chassis chassis, and finally, the power is rotated by the gear and linked to stir the stirring shaft.

Water supply system: water supply system consists of motor, water pump, throttle valve, cleaning equipment, water pipes and other components. Mixing concrete required water from the pump through the throttle sent to the water pipe, throttle valve can adjust the water flow.

Feeding system: When loading, it will need to mix the mixture installed in the hopper, start the feeding system, wire rope hopper climbing up, when climbing to a certain height, the hopper into the rack, Doumen automatically open, the material by the funnel Into the mixing tube.

Product advantages

JDC350 concrete mixer is one of the main products of Zhengzhou HAOMEI Construction Machinery Co., Ltd .. Our JDC350 single-axle forced concrete mixer is suitable for plastic, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar and mortar. With a wide range of use, mixing good quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and so on.

1. Quality raw materials, production specifications, product quality is guaranteed;

2. Practical fast, attention to detail, easy to operate;

3. Leading technology, enterprises have a number of invention patents, the strength of technology;

4. Cost-effective, excellent service, low-cost to enjoy;

5. Attentive service, perfect after-sales experience, 24 hours waiting.

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