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How To Improve The Dust Removal Effect Of Concrete Batch Plant

Monday 26th September 2016 1:26 PM


How to reduce the effect of dust, concrete batching plant has become one of the important issues today. Has become a research and development of the concrete mixing station focused on the waist and solve the problem.

Zhengzhou haomei machinery equipment Co.,ltd . is a professional production base of the concrete mixing plant, the batching plant on the issue of weakening the effect of dust to do a full range of analysis and solution recommendations.(electric concrete batching plant)

Many users in order to facilitate and save costs, directly to the mixing host air duct connected to the dust collector dust hopper below. As the fan suction, the pulse blown dust can not settle to the bottom and flow to the host, so that the filter is always surrounded by dust, the dust is not the process of sedimentation, greatly reducing the dust collector efficiency.The solution is in the dust A butterfly valve is installed at the bottom of the hopper. When the dust catcher is working, all the draft ducts are connected to the side flange of the dust collecting hopper to provide the space for sedimentation of the pulsed dust to avoid the secondary pollution of the filter element. According to the actual situation, each class or 4 to 5 hours regularly open the butterfly valve to collect the dust collected can also be installed by a concrete station software operating system automatically control the pneumatic butterfly valve, regularly open, the dust discharged into the ready mixed concrete batching plant mixing host, Labor intensity.

Above, the correct design and reasonable selection of dust removal equipment, not only can avoid dust pollution to the atmosphere, but also improve the overall performance of the cement concrete batching plant.

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Concrete Mixing Plant And Additive Weighing

Monday 26th September 2016 1:21 PM


In a large concrete mixing plant equipment,it have , water weighing, cement weighing, fly ash weighing and additive weighing, concrete mixing plant, but not all types of mixing stations are required to use Additive Weighing, additive weighing is generally only used in large commercial mixing station, while the small concrete mixing plant is not configured. Additive Weighing whether the need to configure the main basis for the user to determine the concrete formula, concrete mixing plant such as when the need to mix recycled coarse aggregate concrete, you can add additives in the original weighing equipment, all users purchase equipment should be directly configured On the weighing system.

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Prohibited matters--when the concrete hoist is running

Monday 26th September 2016 12:07 PM


Concrete hoist, that is, concrete mixer hoist, mixer operation and boot Notes to ensure the good operation of concrete mixers. Safety production has always been emphasized by all enterprises, manufacturers of the top priority, then, what is concrete mixer safety procedures ?

When the concrete hoist is running, it is forbidden to work or walk through the hopper. When clearing the bucket pit, it should be cleaned before hanging the double-insurance hook of the hopper. During the operation, the tool is not allowed to enter into the concrete mixer. Blender inside and outside the scrub clean, hopper will be hoisted, linked to a double insurance hook, power outage, lock the power box, (electric portable concrete mixer)concrete mixer is prohibited in the operation of maintenance.

Concrete mixer for a lot of engineering construction. So it must adapt to a variety of on-site terrain conditions need to be designed according to different requirements of the mixer and its components, one very important one is: concrete mixer(price of concrete mixer) technology for the modification, addition and expansion of automation systems need to have a high level of flexibility.

Haomei Construction Machinery is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixers equipment, with advanced development and production equipment and a number of professionals engaged in the production of concrete equipment for many years, in the concrete hoist design and development and production and processing of the strong strength of the company mainly engaged in Double horizontal shaft mixer, screw conveyor, js forced mixer, drum mixer, LSY series of screw pump and other products.

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concrete batching plant high-quality cement silo/type of cement silo

Monday 19th September 2016 11:06 AM


Cement silo detailed description

Cement tank is used as storage of bulk materials closed tank,(cement batching plant cost) can be stored cement, fly ash and other materials, cement tank storage tank installed on the material level system can display the location and number of materials used in conjunction with the screw pump The material can be transported to various locations, the installation of cement warehouse transportation is very convenient, stable and reliable performance, the mixing station is the ideal configuration.

The storage silos produced by zhengzhou HAOMEI Machinery(concrete manufacturing plant) are reliable and in line with the industry standard. The discharging height is 1.96 meters and 4.2 meters, and can be produced according to the requirements of customers. The tonnage of cement silos is 30t, 50t, 60t, 80t, 100t, 150t, 200t , 250t, 300t, 500t, etc. to choose from, large tonnage of the body can be produced in situ.

product advantages(concrete plant equipment):

1. The use of Sino-Japanese joint venture pipeline processing equipment to ensure the quality of each component;

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, to prevent the loss of cement, reducing air pollution of dust;

3. Assembled structure, ring beam outrigger design, easy installation and disassembly.

Product parameters

Bulk cement tank | bulk cement warehouse | sheet cement warehouse main models and parameters

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HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant Required Equipment

Tuesday 13th September 2016 2:42 PM


HZS120 commercial mixing plant because of its excellent performance and efficient income is popular, Zhengzhou Changli to remind you want to invest in the establishment of 120 mixing mixing station customers, these mixing equipment are indispensable.

1.JS2000 mixing host

HZS120 commercial mixing plant adopts JS2000 double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which mainly consists of mixing cylinder, transmission mechanism, stirring device, hydraulic unloading door, automatic lubrication, air pressure seal and so on. High production efficiency, short mixing time, mixing more evenly.(batching plant in thailand setup price)

Aggregate conveyer

The belt conveyer will convey the aggregate transported by the horizontal belt conveyor to the middle position of the aggregate through the special flat belt. It adopts the closed conveying, dustproof and blanking prevention, and has the automatic deviation alarm device, Roller, self-aligning, to prevent deviation, falling heavy tension, without regular adjustments.(concrete batching plant water supply layout)

Before mixing, the sand and gravel were stored in the hopper of the batching machine. After weighing, the sand and gravel was transported to the middle bin through horizontal belt conveyor and inclined belt conveyor.

3.PLD3200 batching machine

PLD3200 batching machine has four 20m3 storage hopper, can store four aggregate. After the weighing, it is transported to the oblique belt conveyor through the horizontal belt conveyor, the overshoot quantity is automatically corrected, and the automatic compensation for the under-balance is automatically made. In this way, Weighing precision.(concrete batching plant malaysia)

Cement silo

The cement silo is used to store powdery materials such as cement and fly ash. There are material level indicating devices in the upper part of the warehouse, and the signal lamp and cement warehouses in the lower part are designed according to customers' requirements.(mobile batching plant for sale)

5. Screw pump

The screw conveyer pump will transport the powder in the cement silo to the powder scale to carry on the weighing, the transmission efficiency is high, its concrete model needs according to the customer actual situation formulation.(concrete mixing machines )

Customers in the establishment of 120 concrete mixing plant, you must configure the above equipment, are indispensable. Zhengzhou HAOMEI professional production and sales HZS120 commercial mixing plant, please contact us to buy.(batching machine)

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Cleaning Method Of Commodity Concrete Mixing Plant

Tuesday 13th September 2016 2:37 PM


Zhengzhou Haomei machinery equipment co.,ltd in the production of concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer, concrete mixing tank, construction lifts, by virtue of our superior product performance and perfect after-sales service and popular throughout the country and some overseas countries.

A small concrete mixing tank(mobile ready mixed concrete batching plant) before starting the first inspection of each controller is good, after the completion of each job you want to pour some water and stone cylinder mixer stirring for about 10 minutes, then wash.

Second, there will be a lot of work during the concrete mixer accumulate in small concrete mixing tank(concrete batching plant parts), you should use a chisel to remove these excess concrete.

Third, the cold season, blenders work is completed and after cleaning to tanks, pipes, pumps the water put the net, to avoid water tanks, pipes, pumps were frozen.

Fourth, in accordance with the maintenance requirements stirrer their regular maintenance work, such as cleaning, lubricating components and refueling work.

Concrete mixing tank(electric concrete batching plant) cleaning is an important process affecting their life, cleaning every step to ensure the normal operation of the mixer device to work safely.

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Concrete mixer motor does not work-fault handling

Thursday 1st September 2016 11:43 AM


Symptom:Press the start button operating table mixer, the mixer does not work.

Cause Analysis

1. overhaul stirred host protection switch and host with key emergency stop switch is not turned on.

2. Operation stage emergency stop switch is not reset.

3. Concrete mixer Host power switch is not turned on.

4. Mini Concrete mixer Host stop signal must be reset.


1. Check the mixing console whether the access protect switch-on signal to the PLC.

2. Check the operating table of the emergency stop switch is reset.

3. Check the small Concrete mixer host power switch is turned on.

4. Check whether the host stop button reset.

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