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Arrangement Structure and Performance of Engineering Mixing Plant

Sunday 9th October 2016 7:35 AM


Concrete mixing plant from the initial appearance to now has more than 30 years of history, with the continuous development of its technology more mature, from the original low efficiency, high energy consumption to today's high efficiency and low energy consumption. With the continuous improvement of market demand, improve the efficiency of concrete mixing plant has become the most important issue.

Zhengzhou Haomei professional concrete batching plant with high reliability of the automatic computer control system, advanced industrial computer + PLC + display instrument control mode, the lower PLC signal sampling and output control, the host computer display of the dynamic production process and production management, instrumentation The data for each scale is displayed. Can be fully automated, manual control, simple operation, user-friendly, high reliability, flexible expansion. The weighing technology ensures the accuracy and reliability of the measuring system. The monitoring interface is intuitive, clear and accurate. It simulates the on-site work flow and convenient calibration management. It adopts the digital calibration scale technology. It is intuitive and simple. Real-time correction of water ratio, system failure real-time alarm, prompt, production data management, create a database, at any time query, statistical production data, report print management, real-time can be real-time monitoring, When the tank, when the car statements or inquiries, statistics, production data reports, Fenchang level management, automatic calculation of the powder silo powder consumption, real-time display of the current silo material level, the world-renowned French Schneider low-voltage control components, optional With the network expansion system to achieve the production and management of resource sharing and remote monitoring, hopper concrete batch plant maintenance. In the automatic production process, one or more aggregate is said to be good in the metering bucket, no discharge, the system stops running.

Our engineering concrete mixing station with the market demand, and continuously improve work efficiency, has reached the needs of different users. Haomei to remind users in the operation, to regular engineering of concrete mixing plant equipment maintenance management, so that equipment at the best working condition, routine maintenance in time to check the existence of security risks, and be excluded to ensure that the project concrete mixing station safe and efficient manner jobs.

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Concrete Batching Plant Selling Products And Sales Range

Saturday 8th October 2016 3:46 PM


Zhengzhou Haomei concrete mixer manufacturers continue to improve product quality, production scale has been expanding, improving service, is my company's product market share growing, products all over the country!

Haomei concrete mixer Xiaobian bring you a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the concrete mixer manufacturer

Zhengzhou Haomei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. annual production of various types of concrete mixer, concrete mixing station, the company accounting for More than 80 technical staff, strong technical force, well-equipped, advanced detection means complete, strict management, product quality has always been among the best, customer satisfaction assured.

HZS, HL concrete mixing plant, HTT60A / B, 80A / B concrete pump, concrete mixer are: JS2000, JCQ8-type concrete mixer truck and HYG3A-type diesel mixing truck; JS1500, JS1000, JS750, JS500 and so on. The roller concrete mixers are: JZM350 / JZM500 type roller concrete mixer. The company produces all kinds of auxiliary equipment of concrete mixing plant, and the products of the company have been involved in all aspects of engineering construction industry.

Zhengzhou Haomei concrete mixer manufacturers continue to improve product quality, production scale is continually expanding, improving the after-sales service is my company's product market share continues to grow, products all over the country!

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