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Five ways to improve efficiency of batching plant

Wednesday 30th March 2016 3:46 AM


1, according to the distance, lines and road conditions and transportation of finished production capacity of civilian goods Concrete commodity suppliers concrete batch plant with a sufficient number of vehicles, according to the general productivity 1.2 times the number needed to push equipment;

2, factors affecting commodity concrete mixing machine mixing plant productivity in addition to time and time utilization factor is a direct factor in the production of asphalt concrete mixing equipment slaughter of. In addition, there are many factors, such as the organization of production, quality management and operation of equipment, of which Huai technical condition of equipment operation, raw materials and transport vehicles and equipment to ensure increased productivity also have significant effects;

open type concrete batching plant

3, to strengthen the maintenance and management of commodity Concrete commodity concrete batching plant supplier to ensure that equipment is in good technical condition, and comply with the requirements prescribed by national environmental laws, establish a strict testing system maintenance and preventive measures, timely repair;

4, for special reasons in order not to make the commodity Concrete commodity Concrete Suppliers station equipment downtime, there should be adequate capacity finished material storage bin;

batching plant cost

5, check the raw materials to be sampled, different specifications of the aggregate (including powder) should be piled separately, and do rain and dust. Asphalt heating a timely manner, to maintain a certain temperature. Aggregate storage capacity of more than 5 times per day with a denier, powder and asphalt storage and dosage of not less than 2 times per day.

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How to improve production efficiency of batching plant?

Wednesday 30th March 2016 3:44 AM


Concrete commodity supplier of concrete standing after 20 years of development, the technology becomes more mature, from the original low efficiency, high energy consumption and the development of efficient energy consumption today, once again change commercial concrete Suppliers concrete station market experience, along with Over time, How to improve production efficiency of batching plant to meet the needs of construction project ? Below, we discuss with you this aspect of the problem.

mobile batch plant manufacturer

Feeding time, mixing time and the discharge time, which is three times the impact mixing station three time node productivity.

First, the user during use, periodically check valve and associated electrical components to ensure the smooth operation of institutions, powder hopper connection between the mixer and is smooth, to ensure the normal feeding time;

Secondly, the user should check the soundness of internal mixing blades lining, material delivery location, delivery time, if there axle phenomena affect the stirring effect and time;

Again, the general increase in the concrete or concrete hopper capacity of the storage container hopper designed to reduce the discharge time.

concrete batching plant supplier

Finally, users should be based on production capacity and transport distance providers concrete station, equipped with a sufficient number of vehicles, and will not produce too many commercial concrete progress not timely shipping, the impact of the project.

Therefore, we should regularly Suppliers batching plant machine maintenance and management, so that the device is in the best working condition, routine maintenance and timely check for the existence of safety hazards, and to be eliminated to ensure that concrete batch mixing plant work safely and efficiently.

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How to Demolishing concrete batching plant?

Wednesday 30th March 2016 3:39 AM


1, remove the front inspection: Before concrete mix plant demolished by the Electrical technician for the functioning of the usage of the equipment and systems to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and make a record (including image data) to take practical preventive measures to eliminate safety hazards and prevent accidental damage produced during disassembly, causing unnecessary economic losses.

2. Remove the front maintenance: In order to ensure that the next device in the normal functioning of the installation, the equipment must be cleaned and overall maintenance disassembly before oiling, to ensure that the machinery lubrication in place, so as to prepare for the relocation.

concrete batching plant price

Usually the main part to be checked: Eng said powder discharge doors, shaft lubrication during operation, the host discharge doors, cement warehouse, fly ash bin and screw conveyor Have Chen, powder bin discharge port, each measurement known as the discharge port and discharge valve, the discharge port batching, mixing station and other parts of the appearance.

mobile concrete batching plant for sale

3, job site: site roadbed concrete, mobile concrete plant around bentonite, sand and other materials facilities and reservoirs within a week to clean up all Sinotrans before disassemble. Construction site to ensure no obstacles, there is enough space for disassembly operations.

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Unavoidable common faults of concrete batching plant

Wednesday 30th March 2016 3:38 AM


HZS120 concrete mixing plant and standing use, due to the aging of components, wear and environmental impact, often there will be six kinds of error, the processing method of concrete mixing plant failure? How to solve common faults?

1, cement weighing scales are not allowed

The fault performance plus weights calibrated to show the correct value, but not after unloading digital zero, cleared and then loaded weight figures vary widely, but check the sensor resistance value in the normal range, and the meter, no problem.

The reasons may include: transportation with a fixed scale of angle iron frame not relieved; pressure head and platen at the hairpin; scale body with the outside world interfere with each other; three sensor models do not match; partial loads weighing materials.

Treatment of concrete batching mixing plant fault is: if transport with a fixed scale of angle iron frame not removed, should be promptly removed; if the ram or platen issuer, should be in time to make it smooth and without resistance; if the scale body interferes with the outside world should be timely isolation; if three sensor models do not match, should be replaced with the same model sensor; if the material partial load, should be adjusted.

2, open and close the difficulties aggregate compartment discharge gate without material

The fault performance cylinder slow and weak, but check the mechanical parts of the discharge doors without friction, catching phenomenon, and the solenoid valve, cylinder are no air leaks.

The reasons may include: poor air passage, such as air FRL at the gas-water separator filter is dirty, causing poor air passage so that the gas flow rate per unit time is reduced, resulting in slow activity cylinder; muffler dirty, in rod chamber and the rod chamber of the cylinder pressure becomes smaller operation, resulting in cylinder moves slowly.

Treatment of mobile concrete batching plant fault is: if poor air passage, the filter should be cleaned or replaced; if the muffler is dirty, should be cleared muffler.

3, no material discharge port

The fault in the performance of the contactor pull, when the clockwise rotation of the motor, picture screw conveyor discharge port not expected, they switch the air a little longer trip; the air after the switch is closed to start the motor trip still observed powder no solidification phenomena.

The reasons may include: machine tools for the reverse; air switch is damaged; the motor terminal base unit may have a bad contact.

Treatment of batch mixing plants fault is: If the reversal machine tools, machine tools to the motor terminal arbitrary two bits can be adjusted; if the air switch is damaged, should be replaced; if the base unit has a motor terminal phase is bad, you should check processing.

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The main hazard analysis of batching plant production process

Monday 21st March 2016 2:49 AM


1: Dust

In the production process due to mechanical transport of solid materials, open-air operations of various materials, motor transport, cement into the tank, it will generate a lot of dust, the operator of long-term work in dusty environments, the dust will be subject to damage, leading to occupational diseases occur.

2: against objects

Because of the tall buildings, structures, equipment, higher unstable objects, object storage improper easily lead to fall injury. Especially in the patrol, when equipment maintenance, presence tools, parts and other items lost wounding risk of accident.

3: Mechanical damage

mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Large, long-distance running machinery and equipment, exposed moving parts are more prone to mechanical damage. During the installation, operation, maintenance process, the fast-moving parts of some equipment, the swing member, the engaging parts, etc. If the lack of good protection facilities, it is possible to hurt the hands, feet, hair and body parts of the operator. If the operator is not equipped and not wearing the correct protective equipment required labor, may cause mechanical damage. Various types of pumps or other devices with protective gear as inadequate or damaged facilities, may also cause mechanical damage.

4: scalding (hot scalding)

Machinery, vehicles moving parts, high temperature welded components, such as human accidentally exposed to high-temperature materials and high temperature device surface vessel, most likely caused by scalding;High temperature equipment without protective equipment or insulation damage and loss may also cause burnings;Failing to wear protective equipment worn or incorrectly, human contact with the hot surface of the device may also cause scalding at work.

ready mixed mobile concrete batching plant

5: electric shock

Use of electrical installations (such as blenders, lifting materials, conveyor belts, air compressor, power distribution facilities, etc.), electrical facilities design defects, aging or damaged insulation, without grounding (zeroing) protective equipment or damage, illegal operations protective measures may be caused by improper electric shocks.

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Pre-operational batching plant shall meet the following requirements

Monday 21st March 2016 2:10 AM


(1) Drive stirring cylinder and supporting various agencies, moving parts and doors, Doumen, so there was no foreign matter stuck in orbit

batching plant manufacturer

(2) the height of each oil tank compliance;

(3) to open the valve in the discharge excessive gas water separator water gas system, open storage pump sewage plug discharged water mixture;

4) to enhance the bucket or dragline rope installation are correct winding reel, wire rope and pulley compliance, and enhance the hopper dragline brake Ling Ming effective;

(5) ministries bolt is tightened, the respective inlet and discharge valves wear no overrun, each belt tightness appropriate, no deviation;All control and display part of the work

stationary concrete batching plant

(6) normal weighing device, the accuracy of compliance;

ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

(7)each of electrical device can effectively control the mechanical movement, the contact point and the dynamic and static contact no obvious damage.

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concrete batching mixing plant-related questions and answers

Friday 18th March 2016 2:26 AM


Q: JS1000 concrete mixer pump motor much?

A: JS1000 concrete mixer pump motor, the current use of the pump motor is 5.5KW.

Q: HZS60 concrete mixing equipment needed to take up much enough?

A: If the device using the L-shaped pattern placement area (length × width): 43 m × 16 m.

Q: composition structure JS500 concrete mixer, you can simply tell us about it?

A: JS500 compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer consists essentially composed of feeding, mixing, unloading, water, electrical and other components.

Q: The service life of concrete mixing station is the number? General How long can?

A: This question can not be generalized, and the proper use of this equipment problems, equipment operator itself quality, routine maintenance and repair personnel are closely related.

Q: small concrete mixing station computer operation room price? All operating room are the same as you "?

A: The computer operating room, according to different requirements of different customers to do, you can also configure the air conditioning, lighting, chairs and other configurations are generally about 10,000 -2 million.

Q: What are mandatory dual mixer installation conditions need to have?

A: The installation should meet the following conditions (1) requires the installation site flat, solid foundation pit should be slightly above the ground to prevent water from flowing into the pit.(2) using lifting equipment to lift the mixer, install four legs, connecting angle, bracing, ladders, and mounted up and down the track, aligning it into the pit. The installation should pay attention to the frame held in a horizontal plane. Track frame can not be distorted and misplaced. At this point, the user can according to the actual situation, the basis for the lower rail is fixed.

Q: Host HZS75 concrete mixing station what type of structure?

A: HZS75 concrete mixing station, forcing the host they use a twin-shaft mixer, but also part of a vertical uniaxial mixer.

Q: HZS120 station to meet the daily production needs with what type of forklift?

A: On a forklift equipped, HZS120 concrete mixing stations usually used on more than 50 forklifts.

Concrete batching machine:

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Concrete mixing station concrete mixers debugging method

Friday 18th March 2016 2:24 AM


Concrete mixing station concrete mixers debugging method

Concrete mixer is the cement, sand and gravel aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into concrete mix machinery, concrete mixers debugging problems in the concrete mixing plant during use is critical, directly affect the concrete mixing plants equipment can No running. Concrete mixing plant is widely used in commercial concrete mixing pile, components, hydraulic, marine and other concrete centralized stirring places and carried out according to different design and manufacturing requirements and the actual needs of the process, so that each (sets) devices have distinctive professional quality.

Concrete mixer debugging issues:

1, concrete mixer various settings need to be reasonable. Power supply: additional voltage is 380 volts, the error of ± 10%; motor wiring and electrical components can secure, reliable distribution box housing necessary grounding. Neutral wire is necessary to find a distribution box wiring board N on all lines should be properly placed to prevent the formation of crushed run into trouble when the job.

2, regular inspection program. Regularly check each concrete mixer gear box and all parts of the lubricating oil can smooth enough; to be checked regularly forced mixer mixing motor launch, two axle direction of rotation should be signs indicating the direction of the joint, such as the wrong direction, you should modify the power wiring

3, the organization launched the discharge, the discharge opening and closing the door shall be precise place. Launched hanging water pumps, water supply systems should work; the ratio determined by the desired concrete water supply, conditioning and water supply to the corresponding time relay time. Motor launch mixing work.

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Concrete mixing plant production line process

Friday 18th March 2016 2:22 AM


On the engineering concrete mixing station Depending on the application, not the same concrete mix gravel, etc., but the process is the same production line. Concrete mixing station equipment consists of several parts, namely, control systems, batching system, material storage system, mixing system, weighing system components, production processes:

First, the sand and gravel by forklifts to shovel gravel as automatic batching machine proportioning weighing, conveyor belt through the ingredients to enhance the mixing console in the trunk (concrete mixing stations Suppliers by belt conveyor for aggregate into waiting hopper, waiting to enter the mixing console), ascends into compulsory mixer wait stirred tank;

Secondly, bulk cement through the cement silo + spiral transported to the cement, said in weighing, and water, fly ash, admixtures together weighed into the mixer after mixing began.

Is about more than concrete mixing plant equipment about process, through mixing station centralized control system is completed, the entire production process is done automatically by the device, regardless of the efficiency and quality are obvious.

Concrete plant:

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How to deal with the crack of concrete plant side panel?

Friday 18th March 2016 2:20 AM


In the course of concrete mixing equipment, the phenomenon will appear side cracking can be considered one of the small irregularities, today, our professional person will tell you about this phenomenon caused causes and treatment methods, hoping to help you in the future when encountered the same situation can be quickly and correctly solve or avoid.

Causes of cracks:

1, fly ash (sand) too small, body can not keep up early strength

2, body density is too large

3, excessive body drop

4, the ratio of water, the lack of an elastic body


1, (1) improve the cutting hardness (2) increase the sieve Fly

2, (1) Capacity control (2) the use of additives to improve the strength of the cutting body

3, body 10 cm sawing station must pause, then slowly falling

4, (1) reduce the specific gravity of the slurry (2) increase the amount of slurry (3) reducing the amount of lime

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Our concrete mixing plant manufacturers will be more to tell you about various irregularities and treatment methods appear in concrete mixing plant equipment,I hope we can help you.

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The water supply system of concrete batch plant in winter Guidebooks

Tuesday 15th March 2016 2:56 AM


1, the pump requires periodic basis having lubrication;

2, the pump for a long time when not in use, the need to put a clean water pipe, installed as a shut-off valve, special attention vent shut-off valve at the water;

3, the winter need to protect the normal flow of water pipe, pipe insulation to prevent freezing of increase;

4, regularly check the water supply pipe fittings of mobile concrete plant, joints tend to accumulate because of the water.

5, in case of ice jammed the blades cause the motor to the pump stall, immediately turn off the pump power, with hot water pouring ice water pump housing of the disk until the motor shaft can move freely, not be forced to open the pump of mobile concrete plants to avoid damage to components.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment.If you want to know the price of mobile hot mix plant welcome to order and visit our company!


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The causes of concrete batch plant Belt frequency deviation fault

Tuesday 15th March 2016 2:55 AM


1. Structure of the tape, the type and conditions of work (rack uneven settlement of foundation, the impact of wind, frost, rain and snow)

2. And tension of the power by the driving and tensioning devices passed

3. The degree of alignment of tape joints

4. The presence of dust and water non-bearing surface

5. batching plants load direction and blanking point whether the belt 6. The rollers are in the running direction.

concrete batching plant china

The belt deviation approach of concrete batching machine :

(1) of deviation to one side along the tape machine.

1. belt joint is not correct approach: joint alignment.

2. The belt curling approach: a belt tensioning or replacement.

(2) in the longer distance for some tape rack position deviation to one side.

1. Blanking spot deviates from the center of the belt, the processing method: Adjust chute or blanking point so that the material falls on the center of the belt

2. The belt frame bending approach: Straightening Rack

(3) Tape irregular deviation of concrete batch mixing plant.

1. The belt can not be too hard to adjust treatment methods: self adjusting deviation increases drag roller traction belts replaced with good flexibility.

2. Drag grooved roll forward tilt, but not more than 2 ° required more trough drag roll processing methods: the first adjustment of blanking points, then consider other ways.

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The advantage of HZS series concrete mixing plant

Tuesday 15th March 2016 2:53 AM


Concrete mixing station is HAOMEI for many years in the integrated production of cement concrete mixing equipment based on the experience and the introduction of advanced European mixing technology development and production, the internationally popular series models quickly assembled modular structure, efficient mixing console, dual dual-control computer control, noise, dust pollution environmental design, the company is to market a new generation of cement concrete mixing equipment. The product is currently more advanced large concrete mixing equipment, suitable for urban goods ready-mixed concrete, Piles, components, hydraulic, marine and other concrete centralized stirring places and carried out according to different design and manufacturing process requirements and actual need to make each (sets) device with a distinct professional quality.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment.If you want to know the price of mobile hot mix plant welcome to order and visit our company!Website:

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Prolong the life of the concrete mixing system

Tuesday 15th March 2016 2:51 AM


If you want to improve work efficiency of concrete mixing plant and make it stable at work, you shall have a good understanding and common sense for maintenance of concrete batching plant, in order to extend its service life !How to prolong the service life of the mixing plant?First we deal with the mixing plant maintenance and maintenance have some understanding, where to begin?How to operate?

In the heavy industry according to the years of production and research of concrete mixing plant, user shall know how to lubricate mixing plant components and prolong the life of the concrete mixing system.We have studied this for a long time and it includes two aspects.One is lubricating the shaft of concrete batching mixing plant when it works every single time to guarantee it can operate normaly. lubbricating the parts of it in regular time.Another one is extending the system of mobile concrete batch plant.The mixing drum operates smoothly.Liner and leaves is not looseing.Replace them if dameged immediately. Liner,blades, scraper, mixing arm wear to a certain extent or can not be adjusted, must be replaced promptly.Clean the sticky stains on the concrete mixer regularly when the concrete mixer on the inner wall of the more sticky thicker nont only the mixer volume to reduce but also the speed of sticky concrete will be accelerated.The feed hopper door will have obstacle because materials bonding the gravel under the spout .The cement feed opening is getting smaller and smaller because the bonding of the water vapor, resulting in feeding difficulties and therefore should be cleaned regularly.Admixtures feeding pipeline may have to be cleaned on a regular basis because precipitation and solidification will feed lowed or causeblockage.If you do this,you can lengthen the service life of ready mixed plant.And welcome to place an order for our products.In addition,

Haomei machinery equipment co.,ltd is located in the famous machinery capital of Zhengzhou, China. We adhere to the policy of "QUALITY FIRST AND INTEGRITY WINS"to cooperate with clients from all over the world. Seeking for long-term relationship and mutual benefit is our unstoppable goal.

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Three steps of building concrete batching plant?

Tuesday 15th March 2016 2:50 AM


The host of mixing plant and feeding proportioning system should be set according to the project duration.The ready mixed concrete batching plant is made of a mixer and related feeding material system; we also need to set the all machines according to the actual situation. If the capacity is too large, we might set two production lines.Like, the general engineering can only set a production line, but a large and important project should be set two production lines, parallel arrangement, to ensure the uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project; a project can only set a batching plant, we can also set mixing plant according to the partition, or set a large type concrete mixing plant and set appropriate amount of concrete transport car.

1-2 pools with this mobile or mobile concrete batching plant. And 2-3 cement silo can make sure the supply in time, avoiding to affect the working situation. In this case, the demand of concrete production can be satisfied and the cement also can't be backlogged. Generally, the fly ash and admixture for large volume and pumping concrete are required, we should place them separately according to the site situation, ensuring appropriate to use.

for concrete product transportation. Ordinarlly speaking, the distance and height will be a factor for transportation of concrete. It needs to be based on meeting the transport distance and height and the supply of concrete, and it's generally set before the mixer, and using the pump pipe connected to the pouring place; In addition, it also can be set near the pouring place, using the concrete transfer car to sent it to the pump.

Haomei machinery company has been in this field for many years and if you need one of these machines.welcome to order and visit our company!. Website:

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The special thing of friction type concrete mixer

Tuesday 1st March 2016 3:40 AM


The model of friction type concrete mixer is very special: JZC350 mobile friction concrete mixer, JZM500 mobile friction concrete mixer and JZM750 fixed type friction concrete mixer. JZM350 and JZM500 two models belong to small type concrete mixers, we designed it in mobile type, so that it not only can be easily used, and has light weight, but also it is easy to move and maintain. JZM750 fixed type friction concrete mixer belongs to big type concrete mixer, in order to securely use, we designed it in fixed type, which can ensure user's security. In addition, the production capacity of these three types of friction type concrete mixers is in 13-35, which can meet the needs of the users, the users can choose according to the appropriate model.

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