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Buy Large Angle Belt Conveyors Should Pay Attention To Some Problem

Wednesday 29th June 2016 2:35 PM


Steep Ribs conveyor is suitable for the transportation of loose powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like material. Having the use of a wide range of small footprint, throughput, and high efficiency.

1. During transport, the conveyor belt is mainly based in tension, its effect plays an important role, if rigidity is small, so that the belt transverse deformation caused material spreading phenomenon. General requirements for the core layer of at least 6 or more layers.(stationary concrete batching plant)

2. Look at the clapboard and skirts, according to the throughput conveyor to choose, determine the skirt height, baffle spacing size, the effective bandwidth of the size and other factors.Steep Ribs conveyor can work at 0 ° ~ 90 ° angle setting. Achieve delivery angle can not be achieved, further reducing the project costs, shorten the transport distance, saving manpower.

3. steep Ribs conveyor more than 70 degrees should cover band (using cover tape to prevent leakage of material benefits baseband damage; also can increase the volume of material).

4. steep Ribs conveyor rollers require a lot higher than for flat belt requirements, if in the case of the same model with a flat belt use than larger cylinder models.

5. Baseband: corrugated sidewall belt conveyor baseband mainly in tension, but in the course of its lateral rigidity on the use of performance and effectiveness also plays a big role. The conveyor belt rigidity is too small, so that the transverse deformation of the conveyor belt, causing material spreading phenomenon. (concrete batching plant spare parts)

6. separator skirt: skirt when selecting the separator throughput in the first conveyor consideration, such as: skirt height, baffle spacing size, the size of the effective bandwidth.(60m3 concrete batching plant)

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How To Enhance Concrete Pump Transmission Capacity

Wednesday 29th June 2016 2:34 PM


In this worldwide boom in construction, construction machinery and is the object of concern to many people, how to purchase good quality construction machinery, has become a topic of verbal, concrete pumpsplayed an irreplaceable role in modern high-rise building construction in high-rise construction, concrete pump machinery if manpower to do this, the efficiency is too low, the cost is high, after using machinery instead of manpower, (pump concrete mixer)can easily be sent to the heavy concrete construction location, greatly accelerated the construction period schedule. Here, the small series to introduce you to some construction on super-tall concrete pump some common problems.

High-rise building under construction, when it is accompanied by concrete pump devices add a lot of pressure within the pipeline is also rising. In the construction of the vertical height of 400 meters above the high-rise building when high strength concrete used, due to the viscosity, leading to concrete pump outlet pressure of 20 MPa or more often require pumping hard, the construction technology problem. (concrete pump with mixer)And will EHV pumping high-strength concrete because the concrete pressure is too high, easy to produce leakage or concrete segregation, plugging and other problems, to overcome this problem, the need to improve the reliability of the equipment, and to enhance the pumping device ability to seal pipes, pumping construction process, the construction pipeline cleaning and a series of technical problems.

concrete pump super high-rise construction, one cloth reasonable construction problems caused by pipe to reduce the weight of the concrete caused by pressure, and. Second, it has a reasonable mix concrete to improve concrete pumpability, reduce equipment stress.(hydraulic pump concrete mixer) Third, after the construction of ultra-high pressure water technology to control the pressure, the residue avoid plugging. Specific operational issues need to master the condition of workers, combined with the construction environment to operate, can not be scripted, so as not to damage the improper operation of the device.

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concrete mixers accessories is vitally important

Wednesday 29th June 2016 2:33 PM


Mixer in the course of some of the corresponding parts need to be replaced after prolonged use, which is a normal phenomenon. Because a blender in the production process, will be used in class motors, pulleys, gears of consumable accessories. Because of our long-term concrete mixing equipment in harsh environments running at full capacity, to a certain extent, will accelerate the wear of these parts need to be replaced or new parts. This does not mean that users mixer quality problems after use. Because the quality of the entire device is good or bad, on the one hand determined by the production process; on the other hand, with the latter part of the user's operating habits also have a certain relationship, because improper handling can cause mixer replacement parts.(self loaded concrete mixer manufacturers)

concrete mixers accessories

zhengzhou haomei machinery equipment co.,ltd genuine consideration to these points in the production process of fine arts refinement, (concrete mixer prices)continuous improvement, truly everything for the sake of customers, greatly reducing the end user in the course of the mixer parts replacement cycle, allowing users easy to operate the process without worrying about the machine failure rate

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Fully automatic hydraulic concrete mixer

Wednesday 29th June 2016 2:31 PM


Fully automatic hydraulic concrete mixer combines the most common hydraulic hoist and artificial mount models orbit raising advantage to solve the difficulties due to the volume of mobile sophomore caused by automatic hydraulic track hoist occur in parts of the country or by the lift height limit and other issues

concrete mixer for sale in nigeria

Automatic hydraulic lifting concrete mixer is a new patented product, the product is on the market, by the majority of new and old customers and dealers alike provinces

The product in the concrete mixer comes with pumps, valves, cylinders and other supporting elements control the formation of a solid structure legs! Nearby leg four outrigger cylinder installation, the installation mixer, with the fuel tank from the top after the whole blender, mixer fixed installation machine leg, replacing solid mixer trouble.

mini portable concrete mixer

While stirring, lifting and on the basis of the entire hydraulic system was added for manual installation of machinery and equipment sectors were improved precision, thus further saving labor and tedious installation process. This product comes with a concrete mixer on top of the motor, winch, clutch, brake lights lifting equipment package, and then joined the pumps, valves, cylinders and other supporting elements form an integrated control structure. This product is stirred for forward and reverse rotation of the material of the two sides to complete a variety of concrete mixing machinery engineering equipment.

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Label : concrete mixer for sale in nigeria mini portable concrete mixer

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