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Concrete Mixing Plant Environment And The Choice Of Accessories

Wednesday 31st August 2016 3:49 PM


The environment and the choice of accessories is a very important aspect of the construction, how to choose the most suitable terrain? How to determine the position of the plant? How to choose the right accessories(mobile concrete batching plant on sale)?

1. Select the terrain

After the purchase of finished mobile cement concrete batching plant, construction of the main attention is whether the concrete mixing plant environment-friendly issues. First, the choice of sites, to ensure that the distance from the site to feed nearly enough to ensure adequate water, and away from residential areas. If you can make full use of the potential hillside, the yard is located on a higher plane slopes can reduce the height of the feed ingredients machine, both to save energy, but also to reduce wear and tear. When installed equipment base to avoid the attention of above and below ground cable, power supply or communication cables.

2. The choice of batching plant

Such as site wide, preference should be given inclined belt conveyor way. If used in road construction, you need to choose fast-mounted, modular structure of the batching plant. If the site area is limited, consider steep Ribs belt. However, in humid environment sand stone, steep Ribs belt sticky sand disadvantage return belt, the belt below shakeout quite serious, commodity concrete mix to consider the utilization factor of sand.(portable concrete batch plants for sale)

3. Detection Instruments

If equipped with sand moisture tester, microcomputer control, depending on the moisture content of sand, can realize online water is automatically adjusted. Slump detector applications that can effectively observe the commodity concrete homogeneity.

4. Aggregate Batching Machine (Scale) selection

Mini mobile concrete batching plant to determine a reasonable device configuration. Select the aggregate supply manner, preferably using feed loaders.

When the aggregate scale of measurement is a cumulative scale, when measured separately from 2 to 4 scale. To ensure there is enough storage for each aggregate amount of material each aggregate can be designed as two scales ingredients.

If the construction requirements are lower, the choice of two kinds of dosing machine Accumulated aggregate measurement; If the project has special requirements, you must use three kinds or four kinds of aggregate batching scales cumulative measurement, even measured separately for each aggregate the batching machine.

mobile mini concrete batching plant

Use other scales, according to the needs determined configuration cement scales, scales fly ash, powdered additive scales, scales and water scales and other liquid admixtures.

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How to debug the electric concrete batching plant

Monday 15th August 2016 8:00 AM


1 Overview

In all electric concrete batching plant equipment installation, wiring and electrical control system and after the completion of the unit owners and suppliers of the person concerned after examination recognized by the mechanical and electrical and other relevant personnel to debug. Trial is to confirm the installation was successful, and the electronic control system wiring is correct, performance, and economic and technical indicators electromechanical equipment meets the requirements of the contract.

2. Preparation before test

2.1 All mechanical equipment should be related to the specification requirements for inspection and lubrication filling oil gear, rotated by hand if necessary, to ensure safety.

2.2 confirm that all electrical connections meet the requirements of the drawings, the wiring is correct, grounded. Confirmed that the supply voltage to meet the requirements.

2.3 Verify that the system air pressure is greater than 0.6Mpa, compressed air is dry and clean, and open the tank drain valve deflated sewage. 0.7Mpa air line to seal the pressure test, check all joints for leaks and promptly eliminated. After the air line pressure test, blowing pipe, oil mist filling 10 oil.

2.4 confirmation mixers, screw machine, tape machines, combined aggregate hoppers, aggregate storage, powder silos, water tanks, additives, etc. inside the box clean and free of debris.

3. No-load test

3.1 on the power switch and power button on the console and check the power supply is normal, check the emergency stop button is effective and reliable early warning signal, ready to load debugging.

3.2 itemized test each device to start and stop the motor (with scene buttons and console buttons to start and stop), check the motor rotation direction is correct; especially the twin-shaft mixer, to pay attention to its two electric motors turn, should be separately start confirming its motor after turning right before the merge starts. No-load running for 15 minutes, check the operating conditions and the degree of heat bearing.

3.3 itemized solenoid valves manual test button and the console button pneumatic actuator member (including arc gate, butterfly valves, ball valves, etc.) action is correct. Action should be no obstruction, creeping phenomenon. Pneumatic adjustment element group lubricator drip flow to ensure smooth operation of pneumatic components.

3.4 Check and adjust the limit switch, proximity switch operation correctness.

3.5 Adjustment nine hopper level, and to ensure that the door is closed tight arc, proximity switch on the cylinder. Said admixture to adjust the level of the bucket, to ensure verticality sensors. Static school scale: the computer is set in the state school scales with weights by one school scale and recorded, calculate static accuracy. Static accuracy of ± 0.1%, does not exceed ± 0.2%.

3.6 mixer idling test: no confirmation within twin-shaft concrete mixer miscellaneous foreign body after the first start of concentrated oil pump mixer bearing grease, and then start the mixer motor to run for 30 minutes and the normal operation, the stirring blade cylinder wall clearance is adjusted to <3 mm. (See mixers Instructions)

3.7 Check screw conveyor without confirmation miscellaneous foreign objects, one by one start screw conveyor, running 15 minutes without exception.

3.8 Start the tape machine, when feeder starts operation, the tape may not deviation, if any deviation adjustable rear tension bolts and self-aligning roller. It runs 15 minutes without exception.

3.9 No-load linkage test: computer manual and automatic mixing plant load linkage test systems, test equipment startup sequence is correct, the equipment and body movements are normal. Adjustment is completed, all of the mechanical linkage should be eight hours running-load test.

4. Overload test

In the no-load commissioning confirmed after passing system forms the basis of concrete on the material can be overloaded on test and production test. Overload test and production test can be combined.

5. Microcomputer function tests

In accordance with the computer operation manual for the upper and lower computer features one by one test, check the check print a single print or modify a single format.

6. The concrete test specimen

Concrete samples ultimate performance is affected by many factors, only as a reference test sample mobile mini concrete batching plant trials.

7. The test organization and test report

Test organizational unit by the owner, design units and technical support, the parties concerned in close cooperation. After passing the test performance, the parties sign the test report. professional concrete batching plant allowed into official use.

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HZS35 small concrete mixing plant investment costs

Monday 15th August 2016 7:54 AM


The rapid development of the rural economy, to the concrete industry has brought good opportunities, increasing commercialization of rural concrete scale, 35 station as a small mixing plant of the main models, and want to invest in the growing consulting clients, its advantages and how it ?

Automatic concrete double 35m3/h concrete batching plant station, also known as Siamese station 35 is determined by aggregate, cement, fly ash, water, liquid additives and other materials to complete the storage, transportation, measurement, mixing and stirring process equipment for large ready-mixed concrete manufacturer, may have a variety of combinations according to the actual situation of the site.

Aggregate mixing console and enhance the use of twin-shaft JS750 compulsory mixer, aggregate batching part PLD1200 concrete batching machine, loaders materials, electronic scales measurement; keep cement from the cement storage, conveying screw conveyor, cement scales measuring; water storage tanks and the reservoir, water pump, water scale measurement. Stir in the liquid admixture admixture storage tank, pumped by a corrosion additive metering scales. Whole ingredients and stirring the whole process of control by the electronic control system automatically (can also be manually controlled), the control system can store a plurality of different concrete mix for the user at any time. The station structure is simple, easy installation, advanced system configuration, measurement and control systems using imported components, high reliability.

Double HZS35 concrete mixing plant Main features:

1, mixing console with 2 sets JS750 compulsory twin-shaft mixer, good mixing quality and high efficiency.

2 on aggregate materials in the lifting bucket, high efficiency, long life.

3, aggregate, cement, water, liquid additive ingredients are used in electronic scales measuring high dosing accuracy.

4, electrical control system using imported components, full-featured, reliable performance, easy operation.

Haomei Machinery has over ten years of experience in production outside the industry has a high reputation of the industry average, If you have any questions,please contact

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Screw conveyor structural features

Monday 1st August 2016 12:39 PM


1, the screw shaft and bearing hanging, head, tail shaft connected using embedded Cam, installation, disassembly without axial movement, and easy maintenance. Mandrel length, hanging, fewer points of failure.

2, the use of adjustable structure, increase the hanging bearing volume, bearing contact with the material to avoid hanging, hanging bearing life of up to two years.

3, the transmission parts are floating connection, suspended bearings gimbal structure, the spiral, hanging bearing and tail assembly to form an integral spin float within a certain range with the transport resistance rotate freely avoidance, not the material, no blocking material.(batch plants concrete)

4, bearing the head and tail are in the housing, all bearings and seals with multi-layer sealing technology, long life bearings.

Screw conveyor has become an important link in the whole production equipment. Advanced structure, strong adaptability, low resistance, long life, easy maintenance, protection devices, complete screw conveyor is notable features.(modular concrete batching plant)

HAOMEI think before screw conveyor run, first to confirm screw conveyor equipment, personnel, goods are transported in safe state intact; Second, check all moving parts normally no foreign matter, check all electrical wiring is normal, normal to the belt conveyor into operation. Finally, to check the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage does not exceed ± selling concrete batching plant

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