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Maintenance Methods of Batching Plant in Summer

Monday 31st August 2015 10:34 PM


comparing with the other seasons, After the beginning of summer, concrete batching plant will be exposed to high temperature, if you need your concrete batching plant get a better working performance, you should expand its maintenance methods in different ways. If you want to make concrete equipment remain unaffected in summer, you must do the following maintenance procedures.

Summer is a hot season, so the regular inspection is the second maintenance step. Regularly check the components and electric appliance to ensure whether they are hot, whether the noise is normal, whether the instrument is normal and so on. If there is abnormal phenomenon, timely repair it.There are too many rains in summer, so the first step is dampproof work. The concrete batching plant is in outdoor throughout the year, so the cleaning is of importance for it. Keep the surrounding of equipment clean, and make sure there is no water to avoid corrosion and rust of the surface of concrete batching plant.concrete batch plant.In summer, the air is dry, so the lubrication is the third maintenance step. If you want to be against the hot dry weather and prolong the service life of small concrete batching plant, you must pay more attention to lubrication.

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HAOMEI JS500 Was Sent to Thailand

Monday 31st August 2015 10:32 PM


On July 1, 2014, one piece of JS500 twin shaft concrete mixer was sent to Thailand successfully. The Thailand customer was Daswell’s regular one, and we have had a big deal before. Daswell provided all round service for them and taught them how to install the JS500 smoothly. Thailand customers were satisfied with Daswell’s service and product.

JS series twin shaft concrete mixer was very popular in the domestic and abroad market, and it has more advantages and has earned a perfect reputation in the construction field.

haomei is one of the most professional twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers. Welcome to visit us. If you have any question, you can consult us at any time.

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The Investment Prospects of Block Making Machine

Thursday 20th August 2015 3:01 AM


At present, the aerated brick equipment products take up twenty percent in the new building materials market in our country. With the rising of energy crisis, various countries in the world are introducing all kinds of energy saving measures, such as: wind power, solar power, etc. However, housing energy conservation is the new energy-saving measure which is being taken in many countries, and our country is no exception. In order to promote the development of building energy efficiency, our country began to adopt wall materials policy from the early 1980s. Aerated blocks have the characteristics of heat preservation and low heat conductivity coefficient, which have a good effect for the energy conservation of air conditioner in summer and the heat preservation in winter. These advantages make aerated blocks recognized by more and more investors. With the continuous strengthening of our country’s energy saving policy, aerated block making machine has a broad prospect.

Nowadays, various industries are flourishing in our country. As an industry related to national economy and people’s livelihood, construction industry affects people’s feelings. The aerated blocks produced by aerated block making machine equipment are appealing to more and more people because of its superior performance. No matter the need of building energy efficiency in the future, or people’s pursuit for housing comfort, aerated block is indispensable.Therefore, it still has huge development space.

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Some Characteristics of Concrete Pump

Thursday 20th August 2015 2:59 AM


The dynamical system, hydraulic system and pumping system are reasonably matched to effectively exploit the maximum power of the motor.The actual pumping efficiency can reach 80% or more than that of the theoretical value.Optimized configuration: concrete pump adopts the imported hydraulic parts and electrical components, which greatly improve the reliability of the equipment.The unique oil circuit distribution buffer technology can ensure S valve reaching in the right place and prolong the service life of the S valve.The application of voltage switching simplifies the operation.The lubrication system adopts forced filtration and preloading type double pump automatic energy saving oil supply system, which has the advantages of adequate fuel supplying, good lubrication effect and saving consumption.The application of new wear-resisting material and welding technology can greatly extend the service life of wearing parts.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment. Meanwhile, we produce and sell auxiliary equipment of concrete batching plant-concrete pump.

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Solve Blockage Phenomenon of Concrete Pump

Thursday 20th August 2015 2:56 AM


Concrete pump is usually applied to the concrete transportation work of tall buildings, highways, overpasses and other large concrete projects. Concrete pump consists of pumping machine and delivery pipe. It can be divided into piston, squeeze and pressure diaphragm type. The pumping machine is installed on the chassis and then equipped with placing boom, and then the concrete pump is equipped. Many users will have blockage troubles when using concrete pump, so how we can prevent blockage of concrete pump machine?

First, when installing and designing pipeline, we try best to avoid 90°and S-shaped curved which can reduce the resistance of pumping concrete and then prevent blockage phenomenon. The operation interval time of mini concrete pump is not too long, if the interval time is longer for some reason, it had better start the concrete pump or take anti-pumping and pumping several times for 5-10 minutes to prevent blockage phenomenon.Second, the mix proportion of pumping concrete should according to the requirements and strictly control the slump. Aggregate size must be selected to meet the requirements. Generally, it should not be greater than the diameter of 1/4 of the delivery.

Last, lubricate the pipeline with water before pumping concrete. Pump mortar firstly, and then is concrete which can avoid blocking.

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Choose a Superior Concrete Mixer equipment

Thursday 20th August 2015 2:54 AM


In construction projects, the choice of concrete mixer is very important.There are many purchasing tips and judging ways for the concrete mixer machine.

First of all, we must understand when choosing concrete mixer: good concrete mixer does not mean good quality and expensive price. As an old saying goes, the one that fits you is the best for you.Here, Haomei Machinery will introduce the differences of mixing materials and the mixing speed of mobile concrete mixer to you. Concrete mixer has many kinds and types, so it is difficult to find a suitable one. Therefore, when choosing mini concrete mixer, we should confirm the different materials firstly. Some materials are dry powders, some are liquids, and some are hybrids. When you determine the material you need, you can narrow the scope. Secondly, we should have a good knowledge about mixing speed of concrete mixer. Certainly, Only by choosing a suitable concrete mixer ,the faster the mixing speed is, the higher its productivity is. Otherwise, the lower productivity will has bad effect on the project’s schedule.Haomei Machinery can remanufacture the concrete mixer equipment according to your requirements to satisfy your need to the greatest extent.

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The Superiority of Concrete Mixing and Batching Plant

Wednesday 19th August 2015 2:43 AM


Haomei concrete mixing plant adopts good environmental protection function. In the operating process, all powder materials are transferred in the whole sealing system, greatly reducing dust pollution.HAOMEI concrete mixing plant adopts overall steel casting which is H type steel, and it not only has beautiful appearance, but also strengths the intensity of the overall structure of the concrete mixing plant. In addition, it make the equipment install easily and suitable for various complex terrain structure.

Ready-mixed concrete batching plant has good mixing performance and this equipment uses screw type double shaft concrete mixer as host mixing machine, which not only has strong mixing performance, but also can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete and various proportions of concrete. Except for the great mixing engine, haomei concrete batching plant also has a variety of sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyor, measuring sensor, pneumatic components, etc. These excellent components can ensure its high reliability, precise measurement and long service life. It can mix concrete evenly and has high production efficiency.

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Heat Preservation Measures of Concrete batching Plant

Wednesday 19th August 2015 2:42 AM


Under the condition of low temperature in cold region, the mixing system, discharging door, air cylinder and mixing blades of small concrete batching plants are easy to freeze. These problems seriously reduce the efficiency of mobile concrete batching plant and the concrete quality can not be guaranteed. According to the local climate conditions, it is hard to meet the requirement of construction only with a single method.The heat preservation measures of skip type concrete batching plant mainly contain aggregate storage bin, belt conveyor, mixing console, reservoir and additive.

The aggregate storage bin of concrete batching plant is to build greenhouse, and the height of greenhouse should meet the loader loading height;The belt conveyor of concrete batching plant is covering the device with the heat preservation cotton or warm blanket to prevent sand heat losses;The mixing console,according to the characteristics of concrete batching plant, mixing console is in the mixing building room. In the cold winter, close the mixing console tightly and heat up with 2kw heating tube.;Before starting the mixing console of mobile concrete batching plant, every part must be examined whether it is flexible or not. Heat up the gear box of concrete mixer to prevent the control apparatus from burning down.

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Component of Concrete batching Plant Equipment

Tuesday 18th August 2015 12:56 AM


concrete batching plant plays very significant role in city construction.With the development of economy, concrete mixing plant is wider and wider used in road, building, water and electricity engineering, etc. So,customers need to have an intuitive understanding of new concrete batching plant. now,Henan Haomei Machinery will provides basic knowledge of concrete mixing plant for everybody.

In general, concrete mixing plant can be divided into mixing system, batching system, weighing system, the loading and transmission system and control system.concrete batching plant:Mixing system is composed of concrete mixer and support steel structure. Batching system refers to the concrete batching plant equipment, basic ingredients for batching machine are separate weighing and cumulative weighed, and customers can choose it according to actual demand. Weighing system generally includes water weighing and powder and additive weighing. Store material conveying system refers to the cement silo and cement tank. And conveying system refers to the screw conveyor, and screw conveyor will be called spiral pump, reamer, ground dragon, etc. The last is the control system, and it has semi-automatic, fully automatic, fully automatic computer types

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Mini Concrete Batching Plant Is Essential in City Construction

Tuesday 18th August 2015 12:54 AM


Mini concrete batching plant plays very significant role in city construction. The change of a city tends to come from the city’s buildings. So, we can say mini concrete batching plant promotes the city development.

At present, the majority of our country’s construction materials belong to concrete raw materials. Concrete mixing station plays an important role for urban construction, economic development and environmental protection. but,concrete batching plant industry is facing two major difficulties.

1:Customers have higher requirements for small concrete batching plant. First, in the period of large demand for buildings, demand for concrete has greatly stimulated the development of concrete mixing station, resulting in the appearance of some illegal construction sites.

2:Second, extensive production model and serious lagged level of environmental protection are incompatible with the eco-city,Small Concrete Batching Plant Is Essential in City Construction.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with concrete batching plant equipment

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Movable concrete batching plant Has Better Performance

Tuesday 18th August 2015 12:52 AM


There are many types of movable concrete batching plant machines in market, fully automatic mobile concrete batching plant, semi-automatic mobile concrete batching plant and manual operation mini mobile concrete batching plant. Among these concrete mixing stations, fully automatic mobile concrete batching plant is the most popular machine.

The advantages of this machine:Fully automatic operation means that the device has a professional control system, which is fully controlled by computer. Operating platform in control room and computer monitors can vividly reflect the entire production process and each part of the case, such as cement stock situation in cement silos, mixing situation of concrete mixer and aggregate and concrete conveying. Once there is a problem in certain part, it can be found in the shortest time and be resolved immediately. They Dynamic panel displays the operating condition of various components, while it also can store a variety of data. Control room is equipped with air condition to ensure the durability, performance, reliability and stability of mobile concrete batching plant. All mobile concrete batching plants adopt computer control. At the same time, fully automatic mobile concrete batching plant also can be operated manually, easy to operate.

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Improve the Output and Quality of small Concrete Mixer

Tuesday 18th August 2015 12:50 AM


Mini concrete mixer is the source of developing new product and assurance for quality. In order to enhance the quality of product, Henan haomei machinery developed mini concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer based on market feedback.

Haomei machinery equipment regards brand as an opportunity to promote technology vigorously in all aspects and upgrade the quality of the products, fruitful promoted the improvement of product performance. To improve the efficiency of mini concrete mixer equipment continuously is our production principle. The host mini concrete mixer is just like the heart of the concrete batching plant, and the stability of the performance is crucial to the quality of whole mixing machine. The improvement in mixing system is the biggest highlight of the mini concrete mixer equipment products, and also provides reference for successful breakthrough industry challenges.haomei concrete mixer Machine’s size is very small, and has advantages of low noise, smooth mechanical operation and reliable performance. we believe,The mini concrete mixer of our company has strong market competitiveness.

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How to evalute the quality of concrete batching plant

Thursday 13th August 2015 5:06 AM


Concrete batching plant is widely used in infrastructure. Many users just know how to use it, and don't know how to evalute the quality.

If the mini concrete mixer has self-loading mixing drum, then its discharge buckle ring runout does not exceed 1% of the inlet diameter;The operation of the transmission system, with flexible operation, no abnormal noise;The belt conveyor, bucket elevator and boom draglines, drive smoothly, with flexible operation, high brake, no abnormal noise, and no card chain;The weighing system is also very important, need to check the sensitivity and accuracy;Safety valve, without leakage;Cement tank, with qualified quality;supporting line installation must be reasonable and the installation of equipment to be correct.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with concrete batching plant equipment.We are confident to attract our clients from all over the world with our best quality concrete batching plant machines in China!.

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Future Trend of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Thursday 13th August 2015 5:03 AM


Energy conservation and environment protection becomes a concerned topic in the world which is related to the production and development of every live on the earth. However, traditional and open concrete batching plant machine has more pollution, noise, dust and waste and they are spreading all the time.

In order to solve these problems radically, the high quality, high efficiency, energy conservation and environment .Therefore, energy conservation and environment protection will become the main development trend in the next half year in 2015. We believe that energy conservation and environment protection will be the developing mainstream in the future of society and will be related with our life. So the future trend is to check and make sure environmental protection route firmly.

so,protection concrete mixer will be the development trend in the future. twin shaft concrete mixer has features of high mixing quality, environment protection, reliable and safety, it will be the best industry in the future development of construction industry.Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment

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Differences between Various Types of Concrete Batching Plant equipment

Thursday 13th August 2015 4:58 AM


Usually, more and more customers begin to buy small concrete batching plant which is widely used in rural construction, bridges or roads. On the contrary, commercial concrete batching plant is mainly applied to commercial concrete, national water conservancy, highway or high-rise buildings.Different types of concrete mixing and batching plants have different prices, power and components.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of small concrete batching plant and ready-mixed concrete batching plant? First,We will talk about the mini concrete batching plant . The configuration of small concrete mixing plant not needs too high, production efficiency is stable, investment capital is small and the application is wide. While, belt type concrete batching plant’s price is higher than small, production efficiency is high and the supporting equipment is complete. From the maintenance to see, small type batch plant is easier because of its small volume and less component, only need less people can make the equipment work longer and stably.

Each different type of concrete batching plants is and essential equipment for construction builders, it is of great importance to choose a suitable concrete batching plant for them according the requirements of their projects. Haomei machinery equipment co.,ltd is located in the famous machinery capital of Zhengzhou, China.We are confident to attract our clients from all over the world with our best quality concrete batching plant in China!.

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The Development Prospect of Concrete Mixer for Sale

Thursday 13th August 2015 4:56 AM


The professional concrete mixer equipment manufacturer Haomei is specialized in producing concrete mixer machinery, which has features of high degree automation, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low consumption cost, small noise, easy to operate, high discharging speed, long service life of lining plate and mixing blades and easy to maintenance.

haomei electric portable concrete mixer machine has characteristics of simple structure,high mixing quality,high efficiency,energy-saving,low noise,simple operation,and can be used together with dump car,truck and concrete mixing truck,its the ideal machine of construction sites,large and medium-sized concrete factories.

At present, China has entered the rapid growth of investment cycle. The process of urbanization and industrialization will continue to accelerate. The construction of water and electricity, nuclear power, oil field, railway, road, port and other projects will accelerate. The investment demand of large scale development of new rural construction and small town construction in western China is great. And the construction of rural road will increase greatly.

The small-sized and medium enterprises buy and rent a large number of china concrete mixer, because they want to develop and break through the bondage of shortage of capital.The concrete mixer is gradually accepted by more and more enterprises. Especially the small and medium-sized enterprises provide low price, fast return on investment and high cost performance.

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concrete batching plant quality control experience and advice

Monday 10th August 2015 1:56 AM


Concrete quality control of concrete quality inspection is indispensable, it is the primary means to ensure the quality of concrete.In concrete production, transportation until the construction of the whole process, it has an essential role, its main function has the following five points

measurement control, concrete mixing time off, turn off the slump and strength are not allowed to use substandard materials, inaccurate metering equipment allowed to produce, failure of the concrete allowed the factory to ensure compliance with the quality requirements of concrete.

Strictly in accordance with specification of random sampling, production test block, truthfully out, according to the report, in order to truly serve the purpose of guiding production.

Good pre-control, complete concrete batching plant quality accident prevention through quality inspection and supervision of the whole process of production quality of raw materials and fresh concrete, to grasp the dynamic quality of concrete, timely detection of problems, take timely measures to deal with, prevent quality accident, so quality of concrete in a stable condition.

Feedback, through analysis of test data consolidation, to grasp the situation and changes of the quality of concrete, concrete mix to improve the concrete batching plant design to ensure the quality of concrete, make full use of additives and admixtures, reduce costs, strengthen management, to provide the necessary The information and evidence.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment.At present, Haomei has directly exported its products to the following regions:All-Russia Region, North Africa and South Africa the Asia,South America.

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Concrete mixing station concrete quality common Fault and Solution

Monday 10th August 2015 1:39 AM


Application of Concrete Quality Control for concrete construction has become an essential part, concrete batching plant equiment in mixing process often prone or this or that problem, progress and construction quality to cause trouble. Cause now it is often mixed concrete problems to be analyzed, and a series of solution.

1. Reasons pumping concrete slump loss, slump instability problems and solutions


(1) concrete admixtures caused by poor compatibility with cement concrete slump loss quickly.

(2) The content is not enough concrete admixtures, retarding, plastic - not ideal.

(3) the hot weather, some admixture fail at high temperatures; fast evaporation; bubble caused by spills of fresh concrete slump loss quickly.

(4) initial slump of concrete is too small, too little water units.

(5) and mixing station construction site coordination bad, so the pressure tank car, traffic jam time is too long, leading to concrete slump loss is too great.

(6) concrete mixing weighing system measurement error, instability.

(7) coarse and fine aggregate moisture content changes.

(8) Cement mixed storage warehouse, mixed-use.

2 concrete batching plant Solution

(1) The adjustment of concrete admixture formulations to adapt and cement. Before construction of complete concrete batching plant, make sure to test concrete admixtures and adaptability.

(2) Adjust the concrete mix, increase or decrease the rate of sand, water, concrete adjustment to the initial slump more than 200mm.

(3) adding an appropriate amount of fly ash to replace part of the cement.

(4) The amount of content to increase concrete admixtures, retarding admixtures adjustment component (especially at much higher temperatures than normal temperatures).

(5) to prevent excessive evaporation, bubble spills too.

(6) use of slag cement or pozzolan cement.

(7) to improve water retention and cooling equipment concrete truck.


(8) metering equipment should meet the relevant requirements, and have a valid certificate issued by the legal metrology department, strengthen self-test to ensure accurate measurement.

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment.At present, Haomei has directly exported its products to the following regions:All-Russia Region, North Africa and South Africa the Asia,South America.

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twin-shaft compulsory mixer concrete mixing station installation

Monday 10th August 2015 1:22 AM


Program process catalog:

the preparations prepared: required to prepare each member installed around the site cleared of debris, land leveling, to ensure smooth flow of vehicles.

the concrete batching plant installation floor plan

the base map retest: carefully review all design drawings provided by the manufacturer, with the construction site, the basis for determining the center position of the axis and the relevant reference point, good embedded positioned preparations. Provide design drawings shown using external control law implementation retest according to the manufacturer. The use of closed transfer control to determine the elevation; axis, retest level should be combined with the construction program, the relationship between the construction site layout plan of the relevant processes and device structures, aims to reduce errors, ensure project quality and progress.

the cement silo installation: stand assembly, stand in place, warehouse body attachment assembly, warehouse body lifting

Installation Host: Install Host legs, install walkways, positioning, metering assembly floor assembly, installation receiving hopper.

complete concrete batching plant Installation of six, the control room and the stent

Installation seven ingredients machine

Installation of eight screw machine

Installation Nine, waterways, gas and additives

concrete batching plant(60m3/h) wiring debugging

metering system acceptance

emergency plans

security measures

concrete batching plant equipment maintenance

Haomei is a leader in China’s construction machinery industry. Haomei is capable of providing customers with construction machinery equipment.At present, Haomei has directly exported its products to the following regions:All-Russia Region, North Africa and South Africa the Asia,South America

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Tip of concrete batching plant station security checks and to eliminate potential accidents

Monday 10th August 2015 1:07 AM


Tip of concrete batching plant station security checks and to eliminate potential accidents, exchange of experience, an important means of promoting safe and effective safety production measures, security checks are one of the primary means to do security work.

1. The safety inspection of new concrete batching plant including ;A focus on the investigation thought. In particular, check whether the leader attention to production safety b. Check the site, potential hazards. Accidents casualties precursor, the presence of a large number of accidents occur there must be casualties;. C check management, check the system. Check all safety management systems, accounting, etc;. D check rectification of potential accidents. Charles accidents must develop timely corrective measures.

2. Security checks take daily, regular, professional and irregular forms of Four;

A. concrete batching plant routine safety checks

a head of post production and production workers should strictly cover line shift inspection system and mobile inspection system;

b head of non-production jobs and workers, should be based on the characteristics of the job, be checked before and during the operation;

c. leaders and security officers at all levels, should be within the scope of their business, often go to the site, carried out safety inspections and oversight, and promptly found to be unsafe or the problem to relevant departments and personnel to solve.

B. large concrete batching plant regular safety inspections, seasonal checks; is based on the characteristics of the season, for the special requirements of production safety inspection carried out

a spring safety checks; season with snow and electrical safety, fire safety education before the start, the implementation of security measures, focusing on lightning;

b summer safety measures; to sunstroke, flood control, electricity production during the rainy season, the hostel safe use of electricity as the focus;

c autumn security check; replace with staff safety education, safe use of electricity, fire as the focus;

d winter safety checks;. In cold and warm, frost-skid, release carbon monoxide poisoning, fire protection, electrical safety is the focus of the hostel.

3. Holidays security check of concrete batching plant equipment: Holiday around to prevent workers loose discipline, safety education of employees, consolidation of tests, security measures, security arrangements, and the case to be checked cloth. Professional inspection; to investigate and understand the status of the investigation of a technology professional security issues carried out. Electrical, welding, lifting and transportation machinery and other yearly safety accessories, safety devices to check the reliability of the special security checks from time to time; company safety inspections at least once a month.The various forms of security checks should carefully fill in inspection records and archive filing

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