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How long to repair concrete batching plant

Tuesday 26th April 2016 12:34 PM


concrete batching mixing plant set when engaged in professional production, because of its greater intensity of production, it is difficult enough to be some prejudice can not imagine, today told this handling.

We all know, as this has a large mechanical repair curing period, the concrete mixer repair cycle we know? Construction workers is sure to understand, which is directly related to the safety of construction workers, and therefore this issue should be taken seriously, not the effect, here we come to introduce concrete mixer repair cycle, for we see.

Usually concrete mixer repair cycle is divided into four, namely, a security, two security, repair and overhaul some of these four.

A security patch cycle square concrete mixer is based on the amount of concrete stirring or based on the use of time is to determine the general concrete mixer stirring 5,000 cubic meters of concrete conservation should be repaired, or is the use of time in two months or so, They are to repair conservation.

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The first patch cycle back to calculate the second patch cycle is beginning, and all for the second period than the first patch fixes a longer period. So how two security patch cycle count it? 10,000 cubic meters of concrete mixer to mix concrete or work four months after Paul II should enter a period, concrete mixing cycle will be longer and longer follow the idea came before a patch cycle than the next patch cycle longer.

The third patch cycle, also is in the repair time is stirred for 50 000 cubic meters of concrete mixer concrete should be entered in the repair. After all, is a long overhaul, overhaul cycle than doubled in the period of repair, also is mixing concrete 100,000 cubic midnight to start preparing for an overhaul. Here particularly explain, repair and overhaul cycle must control, assuming control of the less good, which directly affect the service life of concrete mixers, there will be serious trouble in the construction process, so the person in charge must to pay attention to it.

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Haomei machinery equipment co.,ltd Mainly engaged in concrete mixers , batch mixing plants, and concrete pump and other construction machinery.

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Five ways to improve efficiency of batching plant

Monday 25th April 2016 12:49 PM


1, according to the distance, lines and road conditions and transportation of finished production capacity of civilian goods Concrete commodity suppliers concrete batch plant with a sufficient number of vehicles, according to the general productivity 1.2 times the number needed to push equipment;

2, factors affecting commodity concrete mixing machine mixing plant productivity in addition to time and time utilization factor is a direct factor in the production of asphalt concrete mixing equipment slaughter of. In addition, there are many factors, such as the organization of production, quality management and operation of equipment, of which Huai technical condition of equipment operation, raw materials and transport vehicles and equipment to ensure increased productivity also have significant effects;

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3, to strengthen the maintenance and management of commodity Concrete commodity concrete batching plant supplier to ensure that equipment is in good technical condition, and comply with the requirements prescribed by national environmental laws, establish a strict testing system maintenance and preventive measures, timely repair;

4, for special reasons in order not to make the commodity Concrete commodity Concrete Suppliers station equipment downtime, there should be adequate capacity finished material storage bin;

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5, check the raw materials to be sampled, different specifications of the aggregate (including powder) should be piled separately, and do rain and dust. Asphalt heating a timely manner, to maintain a certain temperature. Aggregate storage capacity of more than 5 times per day with a denier, powder and asphalt storage and dosage of not less than 2 times per day.

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concrete batch plant power consumption per hour

Monday 18th April 2016 11:56 AM


Before the construction of concrete mixing station equipment, power consumption costs we would normally do budget, calculate the investment return rate of mixing station. The method generally Budget concrete mixing station equipment is to consumption stirred host motor power, concrete batching system motor power, motor power screw conveyor system, electric control system electrical power obtained by adding together the entire mixing station equipment consumption per hour power.

Here we look at some of the common concrete mixing equipment power consumption per hour number, as follows:

HZS25 mixing station equipment power consumption per hour ≈46.1kw.H

HZS35 concrete batching plant power consumption per hour ≈60kw.H

HZS50 concrete mixing plant power consumption per hour ≈95kw.H

HZS60 concrete batch plant power consumption per hour ≈110kw.H

HZS75 concrete mixing equipment power consumption per hour ≈110kw.H

HZS120 concrete mixing station equipment power consumption per hour ≈200kw.H

HZS180 batching plant equipment power consumption per hour ≈260kw.H

The above model HZS concrete mixing station equipment according to different configuration, power consumption per hour is not the same.

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Concrete mixing plant production line process

Monday 18th April 2016 11:54 AM


On the engineering concrete mixing station Depending on the application, not the same concrete mix gravel, etc., but the process is the same production line. Concrete mixing station equipment consists of several parts, namely, control systems, batching system, material storage system, mixing system, weighing system components, production processes:

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First, the sand and gravel by forklifts to shovel gravel as automatic batching machine proportioning weighing, conveyor belt through the ingredients to enhance the mixing console in the trunk (concrete mixing stations Suppliers by belt conveyor for aggregate into waiting hopper, waiting to enter the mixing console), ascends into compulsory mixer wait stirred tank;

Secondly, bulk cement through the cement silo + spiral transported to the cement, said in weighing, and water, fly ash, admixtures together weighed into the mixer after mixing began.

lightweight concrete batching plant philippines

Is about more than concrete mixing station equipment about process, through mixing station centralized control system is completed, the entire production process is done automatically by the device, regardless of the efficiency and quality are obvious.

Concrete plant:

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200-500 tons of cement silo routine maintenance

Monday 18th April 2016 11:53 AM


200 tons -500 tons of cement silo (cement tank) Routine maintenance: According to the form of the warehouse roof cement tank filter you use, but includes the following sections:

1, filtration system: Check whether the dust inside the bag needs to be replaced (if it is with pressure control to see if direct pressure table)

2. check the cleaning system: Depending on the filter main body and mechanical cleaning pulse cleaning mechanism.

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3, the power system: Check induced draft fan is operating correctly, the main fan routine maintenance (some warehouse roof ESP is not installed fan)

4, the local device: Check the tightness of the device (to prevent leakage). ...

Malaysia batching plant

According to the form of dust warehouse roof cement tank used, but includes the following sections:

1 filtration system: Check whether the dust inside the bag needs to be replaced (if it is with direct pressure control, then see pressure table)

2. Check the cleaning system: Depending on the filter main body and mechanical cleaning pulse cleaning mechanism.

3, the power system: Check induced draft fan is operating correctly, the main fan routine maintenance (some warehouse roof ESP is not installed fan)

4, the local device: Check the tightness of the device (to prevent leakage).

wet ready mixed concrete batching plant

batch plant.jpg


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How Reasonable Use Of Small Concrete Batching Plant Additives

Tuesday 12th April 2016 12:01 PM


Small concrete batcing plant in production process, It need to add some additives, these additives must comply with the requirements of the project, but also economical. In the cement mixing station to pay attention when the additive according to the strength of the cement mixing station products, flexibility, impermeability frost resistance and other quality requirements to be added.

Concrete plant normal operations is a set of concrete production line, every step is very important, such as pay attention to produce quality concrete may not be reached. Take additive mixing station, the individual is just play a supporting role in the mixing station, and if the cement blend can achieve different effects. Therefore, mini mobile batching plant in a reasonable use of additives is particularly important.

Concrete plant commonly used external additives are: pumping agent, superplasticizer, antifreeze, coagulant and bulking agents and the like. Each different admixtures have ordinary and efficiency of the points, as well as complex, people in the commercial concrete mixing plant construction process to whenever necessary, select the appropriate effective external additive in order to improve efficiency, reduce the duration!

mobile concrete batching plant has a variety of external additives, if needed according to a certain proportion of premixed and then weighed together with water injection mixer for mixing. In the course it should be noted that some special needs external additive trial stirring to prevent problems!

In short, the production of concrete batching plants to a reasonable use of additives, commonly used in antifreeze and other winter and summer commonly used coagulant and the like. Be sure to select the appropriate external additives, so that not only improve efficiency, but also enhance the final product quality concrete.

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The additive effect of concrete batching plants

Tuesday 12th April 2016 11:59 AM


Additives in concrete engineering concrete mixing plant, concrete batching plants has a use, the use of different additives play a different role. Adding concrete can be used in the C10, C15, C20, C25, C30 ~ C55 concrete and other models.

Mixing station additive effect:

1, to improve the strength of concrete by 15% -30%;

2, significantly improved performance water-reducing agent;

3, saving the cost of concrete unilateral 5-15 yuan;

4, to improve the performance of fresh concrete;

5, to reduce the amount of cement 15-25%;

6, effectively increasing the density of cement;

Commonly used additives expanding agent, potent agents, water-reducing agent such as the use of different additives have different effects, mini mobile batching plant, concrete additives can also improve the ease of poor pumping difficult problems and improve performance.

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Cleaning the host of concrete mixing Plant is very importance

Wednesday 6th April 2016 4:15 AM


concrete batching plant mixing console just like the heart concrete batch plant, HZS series of concrete mixing station mixing console works as follows: The screw shaft and blade structure in a continuous helical axis direction, and stirred well at the same time as the cylinder barrel were no dead stirred to achieve concrete mixing plant needed run. Host's stirring performance mainly reflected in the safe and efficient. Wear-resistant alloy blades mixing console at runtime shaft with spiral will ensure its safe operation, and the situation will not wear. Mixer shaft sealing shaft stabilized merciful, long life, and safer to run the entire hydraulic system. But oil is stirred host requires periodic maintenance, cleaning, replacement guarantee its long-term use.

mixer concrete batching plant

Concrete mixer cleaning Note:

1. Never use a sledgehammer beat way to clear accumulated in the concrete mixer concrete barrel, can only be cleared with a chisel;

2. Concrete mix station after the suspension was stirred with water and stones into the cylinder 10 to 15 minutes cleaning, then water and Shi Ziqing out. Pay attention to cleaning, the power supply to be removed;

3. To conduct regular cleaning, regular maintenance procedures specified in the project, maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling.

Here to tell you about precautions concrete mixing station cleaning:

1, concrete mixing station during normal production, to check the solidification stirring agitator shaft concrete cylinder and regular, if condensation should be carried out according to the requirements of manual eradication. Manual cleaning mixing tube before, we must cut off the power, gas, put the net residual gas, locked control room; when the manual cleaning mixing tube, non-violent percussion stirring shaft, stirring blades and the stirring arms.

2, concrete mixing plant equipment in the flush door material mixing console, you should avoid upper rinse product material is formed under the foreign object catching charging door phenomenon. Mixing process, if concrete trucks no longer in place, the water should be added to the mixer were easy cleaning.

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Concrete plant protection methods and damageable parts

Wednesday 6th April 2016 4:13 AM


Concrete mixing plant concrete production the most commonly used construction machinery and equipment, which are often large-scale equipment by a number of annexes, such as JS series of concrete mixers, cement silo, concrete batching machine, spiral pump, weighing systems. In the annex there will be some small parts are most frequently used, but also the most easily damaged, common wearing parts are: host stirring leaves, liner, host belts, inclined belt drive belt, roller, the solenoid valve , cylinder, weighing sensors.

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Concrete mixer damageable parts in normal use, would be subjected to a certain wear, with the air of a long touch of rain is likely corroded, if severe corrosion equipment parts, it will affect their life, serious affect device normal operation. Therefore needs to do their part of the process to avoid being corroded. To avoid each piece of equipment corroded, demand information at the time of manufacture concrete mixers selected corrosion resistance of good information. Together, the demand by the air barrier and other methods to reduce the appearance of corroded parts. Parts together but also to avoid the onset of fatigue damage, such as cracking, loss and other appearance scene. To avoid the onset of vision, contrast can be selected during manufacture flat section was filtered. It is possible to use penetration, quenching and other methods to progress hardness part.

stationary concrete batching plant

For some customers use the mixing station, Zhengzhou haomei Machinery equipment Co.,ltd innovation in every customer specific explanation, and give them a single use of imitation, if customers still have some questions, we can train relevant aspects. Therefore, we can see that the customer does not exist in the use of a larger subject, mainly maintenance of equipment. These large concrete mixing plant production line on maintenance also need to do a lot of it, where a lot of us need to pay attention have made a detailed introduction in the machine's instruction sheet, such as a pre-assembled device requires attention to what , the installation process requires mainly those aspects, in the course of what you need to know, how long there is the need for related equipment replacement and maintenance and so on.

Concrete Mixing Station:


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Operator of concrete mixing station and knowledge of the production

Wednesday 6th April 2016 4:11 AM


Concrete Mixing cabinet control station operator proficiency. It also involves of a important issue. A concrete batching plant operator understand the erroneous operation will result in the mixing station equipment damage, but also affect the quality of the material out of the mixing station.

mini concrete batching plant price

concrete mixing plant operator shall comply with the following manufacturing processes:

1, the production must receive notice before the production tasks, and strictly in accordance with the contents of task orders; when there are multiple task orders, to clear-headed, stirring concrete and invoice must correspond;

2, the type of stirring before checking whether the various materials and components corresponding to the control, the quality of materials can meet the requirements; check whether the status of the device correctly and ready.

3, the need to adjust the ratio according to the moisture content of sand; overshoot, whether feeding timing and mixing time needs to be adjusted.

4, the first tank because the mixer mortar adhering to consider whether to make compensation plus sand, cement and stone reduction.

5, the mixing time is set based on the requirements of testing personnel, generally from 30-3 seconds range, when incorporated into the admixture or admixtures, to appropriately increase the mixing time according to the methods of incorporation and process requirements, to ensure the quality of concrete to meet the requirements.

mobile concrete batching plant factory

concrete batching plant operator should have knowledge and understanding of the four points

1, grasp the basic knowledge and concrete-related;

2, understanding the purpose and function of concrete mixing station mixing station and various departments function of each control member;

3, understanding and manipulation of concrete stirring process flow mixing station.

4, during the course of operation, the operator needs to understand the need for each stage and step. The only way to accurately process in emergency situations, when thrown, thrown avoid manipulation errors causing damage to equipment and material losses.

Concrete plant:


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