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Thursday 3rd November 2016 6:55 AM posted by wendy

Production Capacity of Double HZS120 Series Concrete Mixing Plant

Engineering concrete mixing plant is usually built around the construction site, mainly used in a project above, usually a single comparison of equipment, production of this project can be satisfied with the needs of concrete, the purchaser is mainly used for the production of concrete for personal use;

The purchaser of concrete products is the future to sell concrete, the main business of selling concrete, according to the needs of those who are not the same demand, the corresponding production of concrete sold to customers. So usually the product is usually compared to the whole equipment, concrete equipment, so as to be able to meet customer demand is not the same.

Primary differences

1 depending on the different varieties of admixtures, the cement label is not the same (is not to increase fly ash, etc.) and the number of admixtures and the number of ways, the size and number of cement silo differences. Usually works with the variety of additives and cement less, the number of admixtures and cement warehouses, the corresponding number of less. Not necessarily, look at engineering needs.

2. Usually the project is not required to use concrete and other external seal, the structure is relatively simple; products are usually sealed with concrete, customers looking for beautiful and environmentally friendly, relatively large structure.

3. The same output value of the case, usually the price of concrete mixing plant products to be higher, are high with.

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