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Monday 26th September 2016 1:26 PM posted by wendy

How To Improve The Dust Removal Effect Of Concrete Batch Plant

How to reduce the effect of dust, concrete batching plant has become one of the important issues today. Has become a research and development of the concrete mixing station focused on the waist and solve the problem.

Zhengzhou haomei machinery equipment Co.,ltd . is a professional production base of the concrete mixing plant, the batching plant on the issue of weakening the effect of dust to do a full range of analysis and solution recommendations.(electric concrete batching plant)

Many users in order to facilitate and save costs, directly to the mixing host air duct connected to the dust collector dust hopper below. As the fan suction, the pulse blown dust can not settle to the bottom and flow to the host, so that the filter is always surrounded by dust, the dust is not the process of sedimentation, greatly reducing the dust collector efficiency.The solution is in the dust A butterfly valve is installed at the bottom of the hopper. When the dust catcher is working, all the draft ducts are connected to the side flange of the dust collecting hopper to provide the space for sedimentation of the pulsed dust to avoid the secondary pollution of the filter element. According to the actual situation, each class or 4 to 5 hours regularly open the butterfly valve to collect the dust collected can also be installed by a concrete station software operating system automatically control the pneumatic butterfly valve, regularly open, the dust discharged into the ready mixed concrete batching plant mixing host, Labor intensity.

Above, the correct design and reasonable selection of dust removal equipment, not only can avoid dust pollution to the atmosphere, but also improve the overall performance of the cement concrete batching plant.

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