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The Production Safety Of Concrete Batch Plant

Friday 8th July 2016 1:44 PM


Concrete mixing plant safety problems from three aspects: production safety, transportation safety hidden trouble, quality safety problems of the three aspects.

The first is the production of safety problems, mainly for equipment electricity management measures, mixing building lightning protection, protective measures oblique flat belts, mixers switch precautions, device integrity checking firm, stirring operator of production rules, the production area measures with fire and power and so on. We must ensure the safety of staff, timely maintenance of the equipment, to ensure normal production basis.

The next around the second is a safety hazard: transportation tank car accidents frequently occur, so when making batching plant manufacturer, must be to avoid social personnel vehicles, and in the construction site to ensure safe driving.

The third is the quality and safety problems, including incoming inspection of raw materials, control materials management approach of measures to deal with substandard materials and so on.

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How To Clean Up Cement Soil Appearance Of Concrete Batch Plant ?

Thursday 30th June 2016 1:16 PM


Concrete batch plant cement silo is exposed in the outdoor equipment, use for a long time appearance is easy to accumulate dust, oil, when accumulated to a certain degree, it must to clean appearance.

1, choose the right time

Cleaning cement silo, the weather is the key, not only to select the cleaning sunny weather to dry naturally after washing, reducing the amount of labor, or to select windless weather, so it was just cleaned dirty sand.

2, completes the safety protection measures

Cement warehouse clean appearance belongs to the high dangerous operations, in order to ensure the safety of the staff, must be ready before cleaning the safety protection measures, the safety, check each link in the case of be sure to wash.

3, ready to work

After completes the safety measures, the next step is to prepare water supply, power supply, water cannon, cleaning agents and related tools, easy for cleaning personnel division of labor, ready to get into the next step;

4, started cleaning of small concrete batching plant

When cleaning is the first appearance of cement tank with high-pressure water spray again, to remove the dust, dirt and other hard to clean substances available cleaning agents for cleaning the rust places, sandpaper or wire brush can be used for cleaning, but cleaning needs rusty local spray paint to prevent rust.

5, after the cleaning treatment

After cleaning batching plant manufacturer tips , the water portion of the water discharged, then drying twelve hours, the appearance of the water completely dry, paint chips on the part with paint spray paint to prevent rust.

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The Site Construction Requirements Of HZS90 Batch Plant

Wednesday 15th June 2016 3:04 PM


In order to ensure durability and clean and environmentally friendly use of the site. Batch Plant using coal refuse as a cushion of not less than 70cm, 30cm thick C30 concrete for the surface layer. Site design is surrounded by low, middle, the surface layer of drainage slope of 1.5%, which will help drainage. Space arranged around M7.5 # mortar surface drains, set up two 5 × 3m sedimentation tanks in the gutter abuts place. Mixing station based processing.

Commercial concrete mixing plant  configuration 2 JS1500 type mixer, the conveyor belt material, fully enclosed production.Each configuration mixing floor 5 cement silo, cement silo: configuration by 2:2 and proportion of fly ash, a spare cans.Cement (fly ash) can install the lightning rod, grounding line.Dust removal equipment installed in the mixing building, set up a 5 x 3 m at the bottom-left mixer tank, installed in the drain outlet 2 tank.

Taking into account the commercial concrete mixing station foundation for the clay layer and shallow groundwater, affecting the normal use after mixing station, so the mixing station with C30 reinforced concrete foundation treatment foundation has bunk steel mesh, while the original increase the depth of the case under design basis foundation depth and width, increase the bearing capacity of the foundation. Ensure the smooth installation of the cement mixer.

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The Tips To Maintain HZS60 Concrete Mixing Plant

Thursday 26th May 2016 1:20 PM


1 ,HZS60 concrete mixing plant mechanical parts maintenance:

It mainly includes mixer, batching system maintenance and the maintenance of the road . First of all , you must make sure that the lubricating oil added into the transmission gear, reducer, chain, turn and rotate the wheel and rail, etc is enough as possible as you can according to specified requirement.Second, ensuring that the brake and clutch performance is good is also important .When brake is too wear to use perfectly, you should replace a new one.As to the maintenance of gas path, first, the air compressor should be placed on level off and clean place instead of kept wet, dirty, and the place where is full of the dust.In addition,there are a lot of attention ,such as clean the silencer every 250 working hours ,replacing lubricating oil every 500 working hours.

2, Concrete ready mix electrical control system maintenance :

1 You should check the contacts and fixed condition of electrical components on a regular basis, making sure that the contact of electric is tight.

2 Checking the contacts and fixed condition of electrical components, making sure the  mobile concrete mixing good contact and conduction.

3 All electrical equipment is equipped with a special setting insurance aiming at cut off power supply when the emergency accidents happen.In addition, the lightning strike, welding current burned and abnormal much material of loading also should be considered.

The maintenance of belt type concrete batching plant can be broadly divided into mechanical parts maintenance and the maintenance of electrical control system. Prior to the start ,we emphasize the dust which is the first steps of maintenance. As is known to all ,A lot of dust accumulation will result in the property of most parts of equipment decline,at this time even if you add the lubricating oil as enough as you can ,the result would also be affected .Obviously, it is a direct result of shorting the life of the machine.

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HZS90 Batch Plant On Sale With Competitive Price

Wednesday 25th May 2016 2:35 PM


Structure of hzs90 batch plant  :HZS has two feeding ways. One is hopper type, it is used for lower than 50m3 per hour output production. The other is belt type, it is often used for higher than 60m3 per hour output production.It is mainly composed of twin shaft mixer, material weighing system, conveying system, material storage system, control system and steel structure.Because of the structure of science,hzs90 stationary concrete batching plants process of production is so easy that general staff can manipulate it only told once.

Application of concrete batching plants:it is suitable for construction engineering,roads,ports ,manufacturing factories as well as bridges.We have a very broad market in the world,such as the European,the americas as well as hzs90 stationary concrete batching plants in the philippines and other fasian countries.

HZS90 stationary concrete batching plants is a kind of nomally concrete batching plants which is also called ready -mixed concrete mixing plant , adopting intelligent control system,such as PC control and PLC control so that the staff can vividly see the process on the screen , making the process of production easier.We can provide all kinds of hzs90 stationary concrete batching plants design according to the customer.

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Introduction to specifications of HZS35 concrete batching plant

Wednesday 25th May 2016 2:28 PM


Specifications of HZS35 concrete batching plant :

1. Excellent environmental protection, dust collection system and anti-noise design

2 Weighing system adopts international famous brands, weighing accuracy and sensitivity to ensure the quality of concrete.

3 Mixing and aggregate lifting system adopt JS750 doubleshaft compulsory concrete mixer which offers high quality

and efficient mixing

4 it adopts PLC automatic logical programme, making it convenient for staff ot operation.

Application of  concrete mixing plant:

It is mainly used for bridge, building, water conservancy project, power and other infrastructure projects.In addtion ,it also suits for the mixing of dry concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar.

HZS35 concrete mixin plant is the smaller type product of concrete mixing plant series which is suitable for small scale production of construction sites, preformed unit factories and commercial concrete. the applicable scope of concrete batching plant is extremely wide spread, it not noly can mix hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, but also can mix various other lightweight aggregate concrete . We can provide a larger quantity construction cement batching plant for sale quickly as long as you contact us.

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Learn To Control Concrete Mixing Time

Tuesday 24th May 2016 1:19 PM


In addition to the theoretical value of concrete mixing time, concrete batch plant work experience is also very important.

First of all , you should control the adding time of the material , such as the adding time of mixture, second , it need workers to continue to try . We take the water reducing agent to add for example . We take water reducing agent for example , Supposing that today you add water reducing agent at a certain time , tomorrow you add water reducing agent at that time , the day after tomorrow you add water reducing agen at a new time , then  batch plant workers need to compare among them to see which one is best .So constantly accumulate experience like that , and before long, your concrete production and quality will have a qualitative leap.

Mobile batching plant mixing time is one of the important conditions of concrete quality , proper mixing time not only can improve the production of concrete, but also can improve the quality of concrete .

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How To Replace The Concrete Mixing Station Damage Parts ?

Tuesday 24th May 2016 1:13 PM


In daily life, there are two kinds of concrete mixing station parts damaged , One is the
machine has been used for a long time, some components are already aging . The other is
workers do not pay attention to the maintenance , making equipment parts damaged , the
following we will talk about how to replace the damaged parts in detail .

First of all, mixing blades and lining board is an important core component of stationary concrete batching plant , Staff should be in strict accordance with the maintenance manuals provided by
company , when they are replacing it with a new one .

Second , for the conveyor belt, when the belt is aging or damaged , workers should
replace it with a new one .

Third , when the host discharging door sealing strip is wear and tear , the batching plant manufacturer staff should
adjust the discharge door compensation , if it still can't solve the problem ,the staff
need to replace a new one .

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Concrete Mixer Is Widely Used In Construction

Wednesday 18th May 2016 2:17 PM


Concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant and concrete batching machine are widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and many other sectors. Used for building materials, bricks, coal, metallurgy, mining, electric power, light industry and other industrial sectors, used for crushing coal, shale, coal, carbon, lime, cement guessed, Penghu, clay and hard-brittle materials, coarse, medium and fine crushing.

Zhengzhou Unique specializes in the production of concrete mixing plant, has manufactured a range of concrete blender price and HZS series concrete batching plant and other construction machinery, machine advantage grows, performance continues to be optimized. We provide pre-sale, sale, after-sale services, and strive to provide customers the most reasonable and economical concrete mixer device.

Concrete is used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, construction, agriculture, plastics, rubber, paper, environmental protection and other special industries important industrial raw materials.

There are many customers all over the world, such as Egypt , Malaysia , Tuurkey,Dubai , Uzbekistan . Not only we offer the high quality products, also the best after-sale service. Most of all, our HAOMEI will be your non-regret choice. What’s more , JS500 Concrete Mixer is on sale with a competitive price and we hope you will not miss the best chance.

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The Load Phenomenon Occurs On Small Portable Concrete Pump

Tuesday 10th May 2016 2:06 PM


Small portable concrete pump stops working, why it is ?One of the most common reason is a load, lead to mixing unit can't drive.

As an operator should be how to operate, how to detect to resume normal use of the machine.

Here we will focus on the causes and solutions .

1, the concrete pump truck mixing system of the relief valve pressure setting is low

To reset the system pressure

2, mobile concrete mixing motor wear or damage

Replace the hydraulic motor, and check the cause of the problem

3, manual reversing valve is not in the correct position or internal leakage is too large

Testing device, and see if it is damaged, replace the damaged parts or assembly can be solved.

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The Debugging Method Of Concrete Batch Plant

Tuesday 10th May 2016 12:21 PM


Installing concrete batch plant , after commissioning before the user ease of use.

In the debugging control system when the first emergency reset button, power on the electric cabinet open off sequentially closed after turning on each branch circuit breakers, control circuit power switch, power switch control room, electrical system, there is no query anomalies, if immediately checked.

Each motor turn button, try working rotation of the motor is not accurate, if not precisely be adjusted immediately.

Initiate conrete mixer with pump sequentially initiate each pneumatic door according button marked until the pressure reaches the request, checks the action is not active; for microcomputer zero degrees and transfer active; check the compressor switch is not normal, barometer flash is not exact, the pressure relief valve to adjust the standard plan; work on the shaker test, to see whether there abnormal sound, each member is not able to work; when the pair of modular concrete mixing plant commissioning work demands, work in process check each roller work is not active, careful inquiry should belt, there can be shaken, deviation, milling, slip, deformation, etc.

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Preventing Unnecessary Harms Concrete Mixer From Bad Weather

Friday 29th April 2016 12:38 PM


There are always special weather that users may meet, for example rainy and thunder days. Then how to prevent concrete mixer unnecessary harms from bad weather?

1. It is important to do heat dissipation work, such as, set the concrete mixer in the open air place or avoid insolate place.

2.Find something to cover concrete mixer in rainy and thunder days.

3. The water is easy to evaporate in hot summer, so it is necessary to clean the remaining concrete in mini mobile batching plant mixing drum to prevent the concrete from solidifying and avoid affecting the working performance of concrete mixer.

4. It is important to do rainproof work for the wire which connects with concrete mixer semi trailer and plug par.

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Requirements of the Electric System of Concrete Mixing Plant

Friday 29th April 2016 12:28 PM


The fllowing is three points of concrete mixing plant electric system :

1. When the concrete mixing plant is in the production, it is required that the whole working process of electric system of concrete mixing plant can be controlled automatically. That is to say, not too many administrative staff can finish the whole working process in the construction sites ofconcrete mixing plant.

2. When the measuring system of concrete mixing plant is set up with zero output, the electric system of concrete mixing plant can remove the tar weight automatically and correct the drop, which can effectively control the measuring accuracy. The concrete mixing plant must be equipped with lighting alarming device.

3. The electric system of batching plant manufacturer should be convenient to input and operate and can adjust and modify the setting value of each material accurately. The electric system of concrete mixing plant must be provided with perfect self-locking and interlocking functions, which can ensure the accurate and reliable operation of electric system. As for the commonly seen faults, electric system of concrete mixing plant must posses the functions of fault diagnosis and failure warning.

As for the years or professional operating personnel of concrete mixing plant, they all know that it is of great importance to guarantee the electric system of mobile concrete mixing can catch up with the working process during the operation of concrete mixing plant.

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The Most Popular Portable Concrete Batching Plant Among Customers

Tuesday 26th April 2016 1:51 PM


The specialty of the portable concrete batching plant is that they can be towed easily by a tractor. The control panel is on the chassis of the plant which makes the controlling of the portable concrete equipment very easy. Concrete mixing plant is done in clockwise direction and concrete discharge is in anti-clockwise direction.

Our concrete mixing plant are second to none for easy moving and producing high quality concrete. We have earned a name for delivering the industry’s most technologically advanced products and for providing ongoing world class customer support. Our customer service gives concrete batch plant owners assurance and surety, and the owners know their plants will be operating at top performance, protecting their investmen.

Concrete batching plant is essential to building industry. With the development of real estate, the market demand for mobile concrete mixing is becoming more and more big. Therefore, now more and more machinery companies were founded.

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The Operation Of HAOMEI Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Tuesday 26th April 2016 1:44 PM


Now let me introduceHAOMEI Mobile Concrete Batching Plant to you.

The main characteristics of the mobile concrete batching plant:

1.Fast dismantling and Convenient move

Except the joint equipment such as screw conveyor, cement bin, the concrete batching plant’s all wirings don’t need to be removed. When installation, if the ground is flat, the solid foundation will not be necessary and the production can be in place. It is very suitable for the firm that has a time limit for a project.

The portable concrete mixing plant is equipped with tire and traction pin. It allows the highest speed of sixty kms/hour. The mobile concrete batching plant weights 23.5 tons.

2. Good mixing performance

Twin shaft concrete mixer can use the shortest time to stir evenly stirring. For the harsh, half harsh, plastic and various kinds of proportion of concrete, the performance is the same with that.

3. Configuration of high-grade, high reliability, measurement precision and easy operating.

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Some Warm Tips Operate A Concrete Mixer Machine

Friday 22nd April 2016 2:48 PM


Believe correct and skillful operation will help you improve concrete mixer work efficiency.

Just reading the following section:

First, keep the space between blades and pot wall in 3mm±2mm, check it through measuring gauge and adjust the blades up and down location to standard scope.

Second, timely clean up concrete mixer machine with lift blades and pot after each use, avoid electric appliances violent vibration, keep far away from water and high temperature and pay attention to dust.

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Reduce the Risk of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Friday 22nd April 2016 2:44 PM


The market is changeable and we will be facing more and more serious dilemma. If we want to reduce the risk of commercial concrete mixing plant in the future, we must do the following points:

1. First of all, we should prepare enough aggregate. In the face of the current shortage of natural sand as well as the price gains which will further intensify the enterprise risk. So in the face of this situation, our concrete mixing plant should actively face to achieve the use of renewable resources. Intensify popularization for the technological application of commercial concrete mixing plant to achieve high quality, energy saving commercial concrete products.

2. Green production is the batch plant development direction of national advocacy. It is also a serious challenge for enterprise.

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Construction Notes About Small Portable Concrete Pump About Weather

Thursday 21st April 2016 12:08 PM


Concrete pump truck need maintenance, the same as other machinery.In particular, in the hot weather and cold weather operation, there are four aspects need to pay attention to.

1, construction of the hot season, it is appropriate drop cloths wet, wet straw and other covered concrete pipes, avoid sunlight.

2, construction of the cold season, it is appropriate insulation material encased concrete pipes, concrete pipes to prevent the cold, and to ensure that the temperature of the concrete into the mold.

3 ,When the level of transmission distance of more than 200M, vertical transportation distance of more than 40m, down pipes vertically arranged in horizontal or inclined pipe in front of the tube, the unit amount of construction cement batching plant mixture is less than 300kg/m3, the method must be selected piping and pumping process, to use a large diameter concrete pipes and a long conical tubes, less elbow and hose.

4, When the conveyor height exceeds the maximum transmission distance of small portable concrete pump, the pump can be used Relay (successor pump) pumping. Relay horizontal pump discharge pipe length should be consistent with the procedures in Section 5.2.4 of the Ordinance, and shall set a capacity of about 1m3, with stirring hopper device.

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What Should Pay Attention To Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Plant Foundation Construction ?

Monday 28th March 2016 2:32 AM


Which is need to pay special attention to HZS50 ready-mixed concrete mixing plant foundation construction ?

1, HZS50 level must be stirred with a spirit level and a super flat base stations detected, the loss caused by uneven Ruoyin foundation is not responsible.

2. A small HZS50 mixing station ready drawings embedded iron, embedded iron can not arbitrarily change the size, the changes must be notified, please contact the site technical guidance personnel, make a written proof;

3, requires mobile concrete batching plant for sale  foundation required laying steel mesh, steel anchors are not less than the required size of the drawing; base required excavation depth and width of not less than drawing the desired size;

4, and may not arbitrarily change the size of the drawings are marked, if there are any changes need to notify the site technical guidance personnel, make a written certificate;

5, according to the technical requirements by taking small HZS50 mixing station and find a good reference point, size error between the two basis shall not be greater than 50 mm, with lime from the center of the base and the mining base size limits;

6, foundation excavation qualified after pouring concrete, need to secondary pouring must be the second pouring, label to C20 - C30;

7, when digging the modular concrete mixing plant foundation, with steel or wood fern reserve base centerline position, clear labeling requirements, based on the same two embedded iron centerline to the same line, the deviation not greater than 20mm.

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It's Easy To Have A Batch Plant Glitches

Friday 18th March 2016 3:40 AM


Concrete mixing plant is composed of a lot of equipment, will inevitably be in the process of using some failures, which affect our construction, so prone to what exactly is the problem?

The most batch plant can not be ignored is that the temperature of this factor, the construction process to open multiple devices, each device needs to have a lot of power production can play a lot of concrete results, so there is a lot in the course of heat generation, heat and some parts of the shed can not even properly, resulting in excessively high temperature inside the machine resulting in some parts of the equipment does not work properly.

In order to avoid the generation of high temperature, we can try to the attention of the heat exchange in the production.One of the best way is in does not affect the quality of the products under the premise of lower the temperature of the feed, so heat also can get some switching equipment does not overheat.

In addition we need to pay attention to in the process of concrete mixing station construction of mobile batching plant  time, stirring time is too long equipment is, the more accumulation of heat, the more likely to cause a device failure, affect our production schedule.

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