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Marauder 1/5 30cc desert truck Radio controlled RTR

Friday 3rd March 2017 7:16 AM


This monster is for the newest races FS scale 1: 5 gasoline models. Powered by a large 30cc engine that runs normally unleaded with 2-stroke engine oil, both available at any service station and included mixing bottle with measurements to make mixing easily. It has large solid parts, working with LED lights on the front and the roof, and a spare wheel mounted on the back. It comes fully built with everything you need, including 2.4 GHz radio.


This is a huge list to run with gasoline errors ready for the race and ready for fun. This model has been completely redesigned from its previous versions and is now more powerful than ever with the larger 30cc engine and large aluminum air filter! This beast is a buggy that delivers strong acceleration and fast top speeds that provide a stimulating driving experience. To handle the extra power of the power steering has been updated to a model of 30 kg / cm that is resistant to both water and dust. This is a high quality precision model manufactured with a list of many features including hatchback body design, metal gears and extra large heavy duty tires. See the full list of features below. This standard model is two-wheel drive, but if you prefer 4WD you can upgrade easily with the purchase of the conversion set for more grip and handling. In case you get stuck in the last part of the day, when darkness comes, your buggy has six LED lights that will light your way!


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc cars, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as rc car 4wd, ratchet car, etc.

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Nincoair Stratus GPS Wifi: Drone with height control and FPV camera

Friday 3rd March 2017 6:59 AM


The drones with GPS, height control, FPV camera and above are cheap and good ... not abound, the truth. Today I bring you a drone that can have many critics, like all, but in its segment today stands out above the rest. The Ninco Stratus has managed to offer us a drone of a moderately reasonable price with characteristics of drones that are usually seen in the mid and high range, we will ... drones 250 or 300 € up.


Make clear that there are several versions of the Ninco Stratus and the one we are analyzing is the ntus Stratus GPS with FPV camera by Wifi. The difference between all versions is that the most basic does not have GPS or FPV camera, another only has GPS and the last and most expensive as the version that I have. Of course all three models have height control, so what I can say applies to all models, since in essence the same product but with different additions.


The Nincoair Stratus is a drone that can compete in the range of drones an advanced but always among the drone initiation. It emphasizes in a section: its motors. This is not the engines we can see in Phantom-type drones or a racing drone, not at all. These motors are motors with brushes (the typical ones of the cheap drones) but with a very remarkable difference: more powerful than usual in these models and, most importantly, with a much longer duration than usual. I will take over 20 hours of flying with this drone and has not casted a single engine. This is not usual in this range.


A Drone with Cheap GPS


I loved the combination of GPS and height control that has integrated. They work really well and, far from being precise as if it were a drone of one thousand or two thousand euros, it fulfills its mission, having a good precision and knowing how to maintain the height perfectly. This differentiating fact is what makes the startus become One of the most interesting drones of this range, since few drones of this range give you these functions and so precisely. Of course we have ways like going home (you give a button and the drone comes back to you with almost perfect precision) and style things. Very satisfied with the experience.


I had the possibility to have the drone with FPV camera and here ... I can not be very satisfied. I think the price that costs extra is excessive for what it offers. We have an integrated camera with a good quality ... it looks more or less (in the video I leave some examples) and it launches its FPV system (to see the camera of the drone in real time) directly to your smarphone by a signal wifi. This ... works, yes, but the quality and accuracy is really debatable. I do not think it's worth buying the FPV version, really.


Where it also shines is how it supports sports cameras, having times of flights with them superior to the 7 minutes (something very above of drones of its range). I loved the ability to connect my GoPro and not feel the extra weight while flying. Great in this section.


In short, the Ninco Stratus is a great drone as long as you buy the version with GPS and without FPV, since you will have a drone at a reasonable price and with a great quality.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some bangood quadcopter, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as dual helicopter, spyhawk tracking, etc.



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Studiosport Minikeum 111, the test

Thursday 2nd March 2017 12:17 PM


When two enthusiasts in charge of the FPV racing at a large distributor and reseller decide to create their own machine, it is of course to integrate it in the catalog, but also to have fun! The experience of seeing dozens of frames, combinations of engines, ESCs, propellers, flight controllers and batteries ensures a nice basis for imagining a new machine. The result is the Minikeum, designed by Paul and Teddy, of Studiosport . They were kind enough to provide us with a complete kit (excluding radio receiver and battery) for testing. As usual, tell us if you think the practice has influenced our judgment.


Tour of the owner


I did not take care of the assembly of the machine, since I suffer from a serious "phobia of the welds", very difficult to treat. Editor's opinion? The Minikeum is not really complicated to assemble, but the electronics is condensed at the bottom. The installation is therefore to be carried out with patience, with carefulness, and optimizing the connections so as not to end up with noodle dishes. What is in the kit offered by Studiosport? The frame consists of a main plate with 4 carbon arms with a thickness of 2 mm, a lower plate of 2 mm also, and its screws.


The complete equipment?


The carbon part is accompanied by a Piko BLX flight controller from Furious FPV, 4 ESC DYS XS20A, 4 Emax RS1306 to 4000KV engines (all in CW), a 120 ° Nano 600TVL CMOS miniature camera, a 5.8 GHz Tramp video transmitter HV from ImmersionRC with a Micro FU red FPU micro antenna and 4 DALprop red T3045BN three-bladed propellers. The camera support is in TPU, red (on the version I tested), matching the spacers. The Minikeum measures 11.1 cm diagonal motor motor, and 10.5 x 10.5 cm (without the propellers). The battery is to be placed under the device, fixed by a Velcro, and to connect with an XT30 plug.


Before taking off


Betaflight Configurator requires a pass to check the settings. The version of Betaflight is 3.01. It is up to you to settle the part concerning the radio link, the armament of the engines, the flying modes, it is the matter of a few minutes if you know Betaflight. Everything about the behavior of the device is fully preset: PID, Rates, you do not have to worry about it. The weight of the Minikeum ready to fly, but without battery, is 128.77 grams. What battery should I choose? For this test I used a 3S EPS of 910 mAh and 30 C (74 grams), a 4S Tattu of 850 mAh 75 (110.5 grams) and a 4S EPS of 450 mAh and 30 C (56.4 grams).


First flight


As usual, my first take-off is at sight and in stabilized mode, to take the machine in hand and measure its reactions. The battery acts as a landing gear despite it. This can be a problem if you land in a brutal way. It is advisable to place it in such a way that it does not alter the center of gravity of the Minikeum. The Flight Controller automatically compensates in Assist modes (Angle and Horizon), but you have to do this in Acro mode, so make sure the weight distribution is correct. It is quite easy, the device, obviously, was designed with the concern of a good balance of masses. This first flight was made with the battery 3S: the beast is powerful and nervous, despite a battery bulky!


Takeoff in FPV


The image sent by the camera is nice, with a fairly strong contrast. It benefits from a very wide angle, perfect to keep an effective view both for flat flights and for accelerations. The tilt of the camera is not fixed, it can be changed with the help of two screws on the sides of the TPU holder. Which also ensures a vibration damping function: the TPU is a soft material. It should be noted that the motors and propellers are in the field of view. Is it a problem ? I thought I was inconvenienced in my first flights, but the presence of the propellers in the foreground finally proved very practical to mark benchmarks and especially to visualize the changes of regime, especially when one is flying gas shut off.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drone parts, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as frsky transmitter, 6 channel rc transmitter, etc.

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JJRC H23, The Air-Land Double Mode Fly Car

Wednesday 1st March 2017 12:24 PM


JJRC H23 rc quad has a unique design that it allows you to fly it in the air and on the ground. It shapes like a car with six-axis gyroscopes. When in the ground mode, it can run on the ground forward / backward, turn left / right, and speeding up operations. While when you fly it in the air, it allows 360-degree roll-over flight. The four channel design makes it perfectly complete  ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly and right sideward fly.


Moreover, it supports high/ mid/ low speed switch function so that you can choose the most suitable mode when you fly it and have more fun. By the way, the control distance of it is about 200 meters( the best control distance: within 150m). With the automatically one-key return function, you will not be afraid of losing your drone.


Additionally, with the bright LED lights, it looks pretty nice when you fly it at nights. Also, this makes it easy to identify the attitude of your drone from a lot of rc quads.




Brand name: JJRC

Item name: H23

Frequency: 2.4G

Gyro: 6 axis

Material:ABS/PS,Electronic Components

Color: Blue, yellow

Flight time:5-8 minutes

Charging time: 60 minutes

Control distance: about 200M( the best control distance: within 150m)

Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 750mAh (included)

Battery for transmitter: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)

Product size: 18.5 x 17 x 6.5 cm

Package size: 36.6 x 8.6 x 28 cm


If you are interested in it, it can be purchased via Banggood website, and it offers two colors available. It is sold $ 31.99.

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Testing the RunCam 3 by RCModelReviews

Tuesday 28th February 2017 8:41 AM


I rarely echo tests that I did not realize myself, but this review of RCModelReviews is very interesting: it concerns the RunCam 3 camera, which espouses the cube format of the GoPro Hero Session. Bruce Simpson, in preview, reviews all the positives and negatives with his delicious New Zealand accent, a nice work as for each of his videos.


What to remember


The positive points ? Good pricing, videos with a satisfactory dive, true-to-life colors and a WDR Dynamic Range (a kind of HDR), a GoPro Session format suitable for mini multi-rotors, a battery that offers 1 hour of d 'Autonomy, a solid lens protection in Gorilla glass. The negative points ? The camera "swallows" the microSD memory card if it is inserted incorrectly (and it is not easy to open), there is no (yet) application for smartphone, the sensitivity of the microphone is not Adjustable, and the battery is not removable. The entire test is to be found in Bruce Simpson's video ...


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc quads, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as Dynam Primo, JJRC H20H, etc.

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The drones regulations in the world?

Tuesday 28th February 2017 8:02 AM


If you plan on going on a multirotor vacation in suitcases, it is better to have a good idea of the regulations that await you upon arrival. It would be a shame to finish at the post and with a salted fine ... We had already presented Drone Law In ... (see here), but the data is not satisfactory. Those concerning France are not exploitable. It is preferable to turn to the Global Drone Regulations Database, an impressive database that documents the regulations of most countries on the planet.


The test ?


It is obviously to check what is indicated for France. The data are correct, enough for a foreign pilot to know what to fly to in France. Very good first impression, then. The same test with Belgium confirms the first impression, the data are accurate. What about Cuba? Drones are not allowed, there is confiscation at the customs. The same goes for Morocco. In Iceland, on the other hand, you can do almost anything you want. For some countries, the data are fragmented, as for Sweden, where the authorization to fly is mentioned at the same time as the complete ban adopted in October 2016 (see here). The basis should evolve rapidly, it is built on the principle of sharing information.


Who is behind the site?


Global Drone Regulations Database is an initiative of UAViators, a network specializing in drones for humanitarian actions. The Foundation has been in existence since 2014, supported by the Swiss De-mining Foundation (FSD), which has been enriched by several contributors. Parrot is one of them! There is still a sharper separation between recreational use and commercial activities, but the database appears to be the most comprehensive that can be found. The Global Drone Regulations Database site can be found here.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drones, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as 90mm Quadcopter, Skywalker EVE 2000, etc.

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DJI Matrix 200, for professional missions

Monday 27th February 2017 2:02 PM


At the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, DJI presented the Matrix 200, a drone destined to carry out professional missions. An impressive machine designed to accommodate equipment to conduct air inspections and data collection, including in harsh environments and when the weather is not cooperating. DJI for critical infrastructure inspections (bridges, telecommunication towers), inspections of energy-related installations (high voltage lines, wind turbines, oil platforms), site mapping and public safety ( Search & Rescue services, firefighters). Its dimensions? 71.6 x 22 x 23.6 cm for a weight of 3.80 kilos.


The equipment


The M200 is foldable for ease of transport and IP43 protection, ie protected against dust of more than 1 mm in diameter and against rainwater up to 60 ° from vertical. DJI has equipped it with more than 20 sensors for a redundancy of the components which makes it possible to improve the reliability, with double IMU, altimetric barometers, an electronic compass, a GPS system. Because it is capable of evolving in the presence of obstacles, it is equipped with two optical systems at the front and under the device, supplemented by an infrared sensor capable of detecting obstacles above it - an important tool for Facilitate flights under bridges, for example. It has two batteries that power the device in sequence for up to 38 minutes depending on the on-board load and battery type (a 95 Wh and a 174 Wh). At the front is a camera, as on the Inspire 2, which allows the pilot to fly in immersion. The M200 can be controlled by a driver, and its cameras operated by a camera equipped with a second radio control.


Inspection tools


"His" cameras? In addition to the front camera, the M200 can be equipped with an entry-level X4S camera, a 4x3 microphone X5S camera, a Z30 with mechanical zoom, or an XT that allows thermal imaging in conjunction with FLIR . The standard M200 is designed to carry a single camera, with a nacelle attachment on the underside of the camera. It is complemented by two other versions! The M210 is capable of accommodating two parallel nacelles under the aircraft, or a nacelle above. It can also be equipped with additional sensors and accessories developed by third-party manufacturers. Finally, the M210 RTK version is equipped with an RTK (Real Time Kinematic) module, which improves the satellite positioning to achieve a theoretical accuracy of the order of one centimeter.


Additional tools


All versions of the M200 are equipped with the AirSense DJI function, which is based on an ADS-B box. This system for receiving transponder signals makes it possible to obtain, in real time, the position, the altitude and the speed of apparatuses which evolve in the airspace. What to consider more serenely flights in an environment occupied by inhabited devices! Note that this is ADS-B reception, no transmission. The M200 is compatible with DJI GO 4 smartphone and tablet software, but it also takes advantage of the DJI Pilot application for industrial applications and DJI GS GO (GroundStation) to plan missions in a simple way. This is at least the promise of DJI, which also offers SDKs (development kits) for developers to realize their own software tools.




DJI Pilot can work with DJI FlightHub, a real-time DJI data sharing tool to facilitate data sharing between field teams and management centers. This system allows all of them to visualize in real time the position of the aircraft in flight, their trajectory, their state, the video flow, to intervene on the flight plans and to pilot the cameras on board. For real-time image transmission up to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the M200 relies on Lightbridge 2 with a range of up to 7 kilometers (depending on country and regulation).


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drones, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as helicopter frame, indoor airplane, etc.

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See you in Plerguer 2017!

Tuesday 21st February 2017 1:49 PM


The new edition of the Plerguer 2017 competition, organized by the Aéro Modèle Club of the Côte d'Emeraude in Brittany, will take place on 17 and 18 June 2017. Previous editions have been so successful that places for the race This year, proposed on Rotormatch, are already all gone ... and yet there were 64! Even if it is too late to register as a pilot, it is always possible, and even recommended, to come to the event: it is open to the public: the event "is intended to offer pilots And to the public a competition and a show in the line of the previous editions, while trying to bring an additional note of creativity and originality for the new circuit ".


The race?



Photo credit: Nadia Grout

It will take place on the basis of a model aircraft of Plerguer, 15 minutes southeast of Saint Malo. Perfect to spend a Breton weekend as a tourist and passionate FPV racing .. «The circuit will be essentially technical but fluid, over a distance developed about 500 meters. The ground being perfectly flat, the designers of the circuit will have to heart "to play" with structures and obstacles to cross in height ", indicated the organizers, who showed their know-how last year.


All levels !



Photo Credit: Damien Domeau

The competition is based on the FFAM regulation, but with two particularities: "in qualifying, lap time, provided that three consecutive laps are completed and two groups designated at the end of the qualifying phases. Group A, the 32 best qualifying times. Group B, the following. This so that the pilots, whatever their level, can perform a maximum of times in the weekend. The day of Saturday, June 17, starting at 8:30 am, will be devoted to the reconnaissance, free practice and qualifying rounds. Sunday, following free practice and qualifying heats. Practical information can be found on Rotormatch. Rendez-vous is taken in Breton lands, in mid-June!


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drone parts, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as rc helicopter fun, hubsan x4, etc.

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Hot Selling Micro FPV RC Racing Drone With Coupon

Wednesday 15th February 2017 3:38 PM


Do you like to play the mini rc drones? If your answer is yes, then I think you may be interested in the products what I write in this article. In this article, I wanna tell you two kinds of excellent micro FPV racing quads.


The first one is about the X73 FPV Racing Drone. This one is configured with a FPV camera lens so that you can enjoy the FPV shooting. It has a small dimension and light weight, which performances very well when you use it in the racing flight. But, pay attention to, when you set it in the violent flight mode, you should need to use more than 25C of the battery. Otherwise, it will cause the system to reset and disconnected. You can learn more about it to see the specifications as following:


Quadcopter Specification:

Size: 105*105mm

Flight controller: Naze32

Motor: 7016 Brush Motor

AV Wireless Transmitter: 5.8g 25mw

Batterry: 1S 350mah 25c Lipo battery (Not included)

Flight time: 5-6 minutes

Takeoff weight : <40g


Camera Specification:

SENSOR: 1/4"" HD Sensor

Resolution: 1280*960

Pixel: 5MP

Definition: 600TVL

SNR: >48db

GAMMA: 0.45

Refresh rate: 60F/S NTSC,50F/S PAL

Shutter Speed: PAL;1/50'1/100,000s NTSC:1/60'1/100,000s

Working temperature: -40~+85℃

White balance: automatic

Video output: 1vp-p75 Europe

Synchronous system: Internal synchronization

Color: color

TV Format: PAL


X73 Micro FPV Price: $ 35.99

20% OFF Coupon Code: e79002


The second one is about the Eachine Aurora 90mm Drone. As the same of a rc racing drone, it takes the advantages of light weight and mini size. Also, it is a FPV quad that it is equipped with a  600TVL HD CMOS 1/4 inch camera. Most importantly, STM32 F303MCU plus BLHELI_S ESC make your Operating feel more steadily and silky. Jaw-dropping flight performance brings the excellent flight experience.




Brand name: Eachine

Item name: Aurora 90 Mini FPV Racing Drone BNF

Wheelbase: 90mm

Size: 118mm*118mm*70mm

Weight: 73g( battery not include)

Motor: Eachine 1104 7500KV brushless motor

ESC: 10A BLHELI_S 16.5 1-2S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600

Propeller: 50mm 4-blades propeller

Receiver: Frsky/DSMX/Flysky AFHDS2A (optional)

Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4 inch

VTX: 5.8g 25MW 48CH NTSC/PAL video transmitter

Flight controller: Minicube Betaflight F3 6DOF built-in OSD

OSD: Betaflight OSD

Firmware of flight controller: Betaflight 3.1

Flight time : 3-4minutes

Rear LED Ready (LED_Strip function)

Buzzer Ready

Battery: 7.4V 450mah 80C lipo battery

Charger: B3PRO 2S balance charger


Eachine Aurora Price: $ 145.99

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Tiny Whoop boosted: The BeeBrain and Insane engines

Wednesday 15th February 2017 12:08 PM


You might have read the test of Insane Motors from Micro Motor Warehouse installed on a Tiny Whoop. They give a nice fishing machine, but it trembles on all sides, making the flight very unpleasant. In the absence of the possibility of adjustments of the flight control, the solution is that is necessary ... it is to change flight controller! In the end, we get what? A nano machine to fly indoors with its protections of propellers, but powerful enough to fly also outdoors, with a little aerobatics ... The whole of the manipulation is very simple.


The proof ?


It's because I got there - and yet I'm not good at it. Just two soldering points is the most complicated step. Dsc_0009-1200I have opted for the NewBeeDrone BeeBrain v.1, a flight controller that measures pile-hair the same size as the Blade Inductrix. However, it relies on a Naze32 type electronics and Betaflight firmware rather than proprietary and non-adjustable Horizon Hobby software. It is proposed with an integrated receiver compatible with DMSX radios (Spektrum) or FrSky radios (like the Taranis). The video of some flights and a proposal of list of components can be found at the end of this post.


The base ?


Dsc_0114-1200The required to mount a Tiny Whoop Survived, is simply basic chassis of Inductrix. There are many other versions, plastic, 3D printing, aluminum ... No matter which one you choose, but the more the chassis is light the better it is. Shock resistance is not a fundamental criterion: all are repaired a number of times, then they must be changed when they are in too bad a condition. You can of course recycle an Inductrix from Horizon Hobby to give it a second life. Or an E10 from Eachine, to offer him a real life! That is the solution I have chosen. Simply adjust this step by step by removing the steps you do not need, especially by going directly to step 6 if you are starting from a bare chassis.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drone parts, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as ir sensitive vs ir block, brushless gimbal controller, etc.





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DJI Mavic Propeller Cage

Tuesday 14th February 2017 9:22 AM


Forget the simple propeller guards for the Mavic Pro, here are the Propellers Cages. These are grids that completely cover the propellers, for more effective protection. It will not avoid putting your fingers in it, nor to get a good lock of hair, but this accessory limits all the same well risks.


That said…


This makes it possible to fly in the presence of obstacles and to be able to touch them without the incident interrupting the flight. And in the audience? This reduces the risk, but be very careful about what the regulations say about it. The Propellers Cages for the Mavic Pro are available on the site of DJI to 179 € the 4 pieces, delivered to 3 pairs of propellers.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drone parts, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as edf ducted fan, fpv ccd camera, etc.

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Cheerson Tiny CX-95S Review

Tuesday 14th February 2017 9:07 AM


This is at the same time a competitor of the Horizon Hobby Blade Inductrix FPV, Eachine E010S and the Makerfire Micro FPV. What sets it apart from its 3 competitors? This is not the look, it is similar to that of the Tiny Whoop with its propellers imprisoned in Duct type protections. These are its engines, brushed 7x20mm - those of its competitors are 6x15mm. The size and weight of the machine are similar, however, according to the data sheet: 8 cm diagonal and 4 cm propellers, for 43 grams on the balance with its 1S 400 mAh battery. The flight controller is an F3, probably under Cleanflight and flashable in Betaflight. There is no choice for the radio receiver: it is a DSM. There is no indication of the 5.8 GHz camera / video transmitter on board.




It's a seductive little machine, but we'll have to wait for tests to see if it's keeping its promises. The Tiny CX-95S by Cheerson will be offered as a self-assembly kit - attention, a bit of welding seems necessary - for a little more than 60 € at Banggood (with the port but without taxes), with a blue and orange fairing Or green. Note that there is also a version with a return video wifi, a little cheaper, and provided with a radio control, always at Banggood. Beware, the real time video feedback is essential to have fun really with this type of machine, and wifi does not allow it.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc airplanes, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as edge 540 v3, fms 800mm corsair, etc.

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Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 Review

Monday 13th February 2017 11:15 AM


This flying frog looks like a toy, but it displays pretty seductive features! The aircraft is fully air-conditioned and rests on an F3 flight controller, which drives brushed 8520 engines of 14000KV (slightly less than the Micro Motor Warehouse fast models) for 5.5 cm propellers fed with 2S, by a Lipo 7.4V of 350 mAh in 30C with a plug Molex 2.0. The weight of the Flyingfrog Q90 without battery but with protections of propellers is 41 grams. We can expect a good power / weight ratio! The 2.4 GHz radio receiver is either DSM2, FrSky or Flysky.




On the video side, the camera is a 1000TVL with a FOV of 110 ° associated with a transmitter 5.8 GHz of 40 channels and 200 mW (this is more than allowed by the European regulation). The dimensions are 8.8 x 8.8 x 4 cm for a diagonal of motor motor of 9.8 cm. The device is supplied with removable propellers. Based on technical data, it is a small machine that can prove to be nice to fly indoor, with which one can also hope to venture outdoors. The manufacturer ensures that the device is wind resistant, probably by putting forward its engines and its fairing. This will be checked, of course! Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 is offered from 66 € at Banggood (with the port but without taxes).


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some rc drone parts, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as Fatshark FPV Goggles, fatshark se, etc.


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Educational toys for children 4-5 years: designers, sets scene for games, musical toys

Wednesday 8th February 2017 4:19 PM


Commodity abundance, including in children's products stores, sometimes baffling. Everything is bright and attractive! But the whole store can not buy, for the child wants to choose something really right: interesting and useful. All these criteria meet the educational toys for children 4-5 years.


Age Feature


Before we talk about what the children like to play in the 4-5 years, it is important to understand what features are typical for this age. Toddlers still pay attention to the bright objects, but their interests are becoming increasingly compartmentalized. In each of them there are their hobbies, favorite cartoons and fairy tales, characters and heroes. In addition, it is already possible to identify and priority direction for future development: is where parents should make their efforts. Maybe it's the music? Dancing? Painting? Or swimming? Or soccer?


The most useful educational toys for children 4-5 years


The perfect toy - is the one that teaches a child something new, not necessarily read or read the correct move, to play some scenes with their favorite characters is also important. The development comes at a time on several fronts: intellectual, creative, emotional and social. The child learns to dream, to communicate, to find a way out of different game situations. It can not be taught in the classroom. It is known only in the game.


Young architect


If your child is interested in creating figures from the designer, consider yourself lucky. Catching up with tiny Circuits, doshkolenok develops his fine motor skills. Thinking about how to create particles from disparate whole, develops synthetic and analytical thinking function. In the future, this hobby will help him to learn mathematics quickly, deal with writing easier. In addition, the ability to collect figures on the instructions trains skill patterned repetition, and the ability to come up with something of my own creativity sells.


Children's constructor can be anything: wood, metal, plastic or magnetic. Each variety has its own characteristics, but the above properties are inherent in all of them. Of special note is the block type designer "Lego". The kits may include from tens to thousands of parts. At the same time they are universal: a pair of ships, for example, can build a castle, and out of the car - a spaceship. The number of assembly options for such designer virtually unlimited. It is a whole world! In addition, Lego kits include characters: humans, animals, household items or weapons for them.


And it already gives the child the opportunity to use them for building plot, role-playing games. Peoples are divided into good and bad, perform some action, live their lives. Attentive parents watch the game of your baby, can make conclusions about what is going on in his mind, what he is interested in what is going through. Maybe this will help them to direct the child's development in a right direction.


Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some funny toys, you can search via Banggood website, which is one of the wholesale platform to provide affordable prices, such as emoji plush, diy doll, etc.

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Indian musical instruments: strings, brass, percussion

Monday 6th February 2017 3:13 PM


Traditional music is very popular today. Ringtones with national color intertwined with modern, giving compositions a special significance and a new depth. Indian musical instruments so often heard today, not only in the events dedicated to the ancient state, but also concerts of famous performers. Their features and stories and will be discussed below.


Music India


Musical art of Indian civilization has its roots in the deep past. Classic line originates in the "Sama" or "Veda chanting," one of the most ancient Vedic treatises. Folk music of India has its own characteristics, depending on the place of occurrence. Numerous traditions and its branches are very popular today.


Classical and folk music of the state at the time of the Muslim conquest has incorporated some of the traditions of the Arab world. Later, during the colonial period, it has been influenced by European culture features.


Indian tabla drum


Table is often called one of the symbols of Indian music. This doubles the drum of small size, is used to underscore the basic rhythm of the composition in the tradition of Hindustani. The history of the tabla is unknown. Perhaps the features of the game on this instrument, and the details of its design have developed based on a combination of Indian, Persian, and other traditions.


The membrane of both parts of the tabla is made of leather and covered with a special compound that affects the timbre. This coating creates a distinctive sound expressive drawing tool, makes it flexible in building, dynamic and technically. -

Multifaceted sitar


Perhaps the most well-known Indian stringed musical instrument - a sitar, or sitar. He belongs to the lute, and is able to create a unique sound palette, inaccessible to many similar tools.


At sitar seven main strings and 11 to 13 more or resonator. During the performance of a musician uses the basic strings, their sound respond the rest. As a result, the melody becomes more profound and multifaceted.


A sitar can be compared with the whole orchestra in this regard. To play on this stringed plucked instruments use a special mediator - mizrab. In form it resembles a long claw, and fastened on his right index finger. The main feature of the sitar - the resonator is made of pear-shaped pumpkin. Often, a tool is provided and an additional resonator, which is attached to the top of the neck. Structurally similar to the sitar is esraj, musical instrument with twenty strings.


 To play it using the bow. With his sitar strings in common location. Estradzh originated much later - about 200 years ago. The approximate time of occurrence of the sitar - XIII century.


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Dolls of pantyhose: fun toys or souvenirs

Monday 6th February 2017 2:52 PM


Dolls of pantyhose. Who would have thought that to create unusual and exclusive items can be of what is always at hand! Moreover, from what is traditionally considered "consumable", quickly coming into disrepair. There would be only the hands and the desire to create something beautiful.


So, enterprising craftswomen has long been sewn dolls tights. Every woman knows how often it is a pity to throw out the new nylon stockings, which appeared arrow. And then - a great application of this thing that any woman would find in her wardrobe. Dolls of pantyhose are rather funny and cute, and their production will not take much of your time and effort. Dolls can be both small and large. Little can be used as Christmas tree decorations, and large - be a toy to a child or to serve as a souvenir-a talisman in your home. You can see how dolls tights look photos are listed below. Very original look and pasterns Yozhka, and grandmothers and kids. To be born such a beautiful doll, you need a lot of training and practice, then all must come out!


How to sew a doll


Dolls of nylon stockings look more realistic if they are flesh-colored. Therefore, they are most often used in the needlework. You will need to work:


Nylon stockings or nylon material flesh-colored.

Acrylic paints.

Needle and thread.

The bottom of the plastic bottle from the head.

"Moment" glue.

We make doll's head


Proceed in the center bottom of the bottle opening with a soldering iron or hot nail. Cut a piece of padding polyester, which would be completely enveloped inside bedplate, and stick it.


Now cut a piece of nylon, which can be completely wrap the future head doll. Sew the nylon to sintepon conventional stitches. Through a hole in the bottle to thread the needle, bringing it out. Then make the stitch to one of the convex ribs, which are on the bottle. Once again, output thread and make a stitch in another neighboring edge - get chin dolls tights. Repeat this process two more times to form the cheeks. Some strands pull a little more and some less, to the chin and cheeks differed. Last rib on the bottle need not sew stitches, it will forehead. Then you can start making the nose. From wire twist the frame and obtyanite its synthetic padding, and then obsheyte nylon fabric. Sew it to the head. He should be well enough to bend and keep the shape, so the nose can be a little rounded or left straight. Now you can draw the face with acrylic paints. Draw a red cheeks, eyes, mouth and eyebrows. Doll's head is ready.


We make the doll's body


The body is made a lot easier. It is enough to cut out two whole pieces of nylon, which will be similar to the torso, arms and legs, and sew them together, leaving a small portion nezashity to fill synthetic padding. Sew the head to the body.


Clothes for dolls


As the clothes, you can use the old unwanted children's clothes or sew a special new clothes. The easiest way would be to make the beginner sundress. Cut a rectangle of any fabric and stitch the edges, sew the top strap. The doll is ready!


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Eachine Mini Cube Fly Tower

Friday 3rd February 2017 12:23 PM


This Minicube Flytower is an integrated stackable type that cumulates almost all the electronic tools needed to animate a nano multirotor. It measures only 2.7 cm side by 2 cm high, with a weight of 9.4 grams. Its mounting holes are 2 x 2 cm. What's in the Minicube Flytower? At the middle level, there is a F3 flight controller flashed with Betaflight 3.1 with an integrated OSD compatible with PID settings from the radio control joysticks, enough to weld an LED bar and a buzzer.




On the floor below, there is an ESC 4 in 1 compatible BLheli_S for batteries of 1S and 2S, of 10A each. They are compatible with Dshot600, Oneshot42, Oneshot125, MultiShot, and addressable from Betaflight. On the top floor, there is a 2.4 GHz radio receiver, which you choose from 3 protocols: the DSM2 / DSMX, the Flysky AFDHS 2A with a buzzer and telemetry, and the FrSky in D8 mode with a buzzer And telemetry. The Minicube Flytower will be offered at less than 57 € at Banggood (with the port but without taxes).


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Eachine Falcon 120, the test

Monday 23rd January 2017 11:35 AM


It is a very small racer in X, with brushless engines, which can fly indoors ... but by proceeding to a home-destroying session. More seriously, it is a machine intended for outdoor flights, a small perfect car for nervous flights without the need for vast spaces. Note that this device was given to us by the Banggood shop. As usual, tell us if you think the practice has influenced our judgment.


Tour of the owner


The Falcon 120 deserves its name, it measures 12 cm diagonal of motor motor. It is made of a main carbon plate drawn in X, with a thickness of 2 millimeters. Under this plate is glued a thickness of foam. The central block has been thought to be compact, it is stackable, or "stackable" in English. It is made of 3 floors. The first is an ESC 4 in 1, a Racerstar RS20A model which as shown offers 4 ESC of 20A compatible in 2S, 3S and 4S, BLheli_S, Oneshot42, Multishot, DShot600. The top floor is the flight controller, a SP Racing F3 model on the Falcon 120 that I tested. The last stage is a carbon plate on which the camera is fixed, with the help of a hinge designed to tilt it. The camera is a 700TVL model with an angle of 127 °. Under the plate is housed the video transmitter, featuring a RP-SMA angled connector and a short base mushroom antenna. It is a transmitter with a power of 200 mW, so it is too powerful for French regulation. It transmits over 40 channels, including the ImmersionRC Raceband.


Continuation of tour


On the plate, on the outside, is the AFHDS 2A 2.4 GHz radio receiver for a Flysky radio control in the RTF version of the Falcon 120. The floors are held by metallic red aluminum spacers. At the rear of the machine is a bar of 6 LEDs centered around a buzzer. Under the device comes an XT60 plug for the battery. Which is to place under the device, without nacelle, with a scratch Velcro. The engines are Racerstar BR1306 to 3500KV delivered with 3-inch quadrilateral propellers (3030-4). The battery supplied with the Falcon 120 is a Lipo 3S 11.1V 850 mAh, with an XT60 plug. The weight of the Falcon 120, without its battery, is 149.32 grams. The supplied battery adds 83.11 grams. Or 232.5 grams in order of flight.


Before taking off


As always, it is prudent to go check the parameters of the device, taking the precaution to remove the propellers. A microUSB connector is located on the back right side of the center block. It is located just in front of the axis of an engine, which makes the insertion of a USB cable a bit difficult. The firmware of the flight controller is Betaflight, version 3.0.1. All settings were made at the factory: PIDs, spleens, channels, etc. All that remains is to choose the arming method and the switch for the choice of the flight modes. The Failsafe must also be adjusted. It is quite easy, on the side of the radio control, a Eachine i6 (a Flysky FS-i6), since the protocol is the AFHDS 2A which supports the Failsafe.


First take-off


It happens in direct sight flight, as usual. The behavior of the Falcon 120 in Angle (stabilized) mode is very bright, almost too much for novice pilots. But we do it quickly. The machine is generally stable, however there are some oscillations, probably PIDs which can be improved. In Horizon mode, the angle grip is fast, allowing barrels and looping in a pocket handkerchief. Visual flight is the opportunity to adjust the video frequency. The principle is simple, a button on the video transmitter, not super simple access, allows to pass the 40 channels of the 5.8 GHz sequentially. It is a bit painful, especially since there is no visual indicator of the frequency and band chosen.


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Eachine Chaser88 Review

Friday 20th January 2017 4:10 PM


The Chaser88 is a 12 cm diagonal motor engine, barely bigger than the innumerable brushed racers from Eachine. But it stands out with brushless motors, from 1103 to 10 000 KV equipped with 2-inch propellers, the 2030, powered by a 4x6A ESP 4 in 1 Blade-S compatible 1S and 2S (and Dshot600). The whole is orchestrated by a flight controller F3 Mini under Betaflight 1.3.1. The FPV part is provided by a camera combo and video transmitter which looks very much like a Eachine EF-01 without its case.




The camera is an 800TVL with an angle of 150 ° protected by a plastic arch, combined with a 5.8 GHz transmitter of 40 channels (including the ImmersionRC Racenband) and a power of 25 mW. The unit is supplied without a battery. You need a Lipo 1S or a 2S with an XT30 plug, knowing that Eachine recommends a Lipo 2S of 450 mAh and 30C. The bonuses? A LED at the back and a buzzer ... The weight? 67 grams without the battery, about 90 grams with. It will be necessary to add a radio receiver to complete the machine and take off. The Eachine Chaser88 will be offered at just over € 115 at Banggood (with the port, without taxes).


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4-in-1 Eachine DVR03 VTX FPV Camera Review

Thursday 19th January 2017 3:17 PM

  Eachine DVR03 VTX Camera is one kind of 4-in-1 AIO FPV camera, which integrated with the functions of FPV transmitter, FPV camera, FPV antenna and DVR. It has a super mini size and light weight that is useful and practical if you installed it on your rc drones.    On the top of it, there is a four leaf antenna. Made of RHCP circular polarization clover, it is anti-rust and provides a strong signal. Then, the main part is the camera. It is configured with a 520 TVL camera with a 1/4 " CMOS sensor and 120-degree FOV viewing angle. And it adopts the M7 camera lens with a diameter of 10mm.    Moreover, it has a 5.8Ghz 72CH FPV transmitter, supporting 0/25mW/50mW/200mW switchable. By the way, you can know the operating conditions via the LED display. Except for that, the creative design of DVR function allows the images to be acquired and recorded in real time.   Specifications:   FPV Camera: Brand name: Eachine Sensor: 1/4 " CMOS Resolution: 1MP Viewing angle: 120° FOV Format: NTSC / PAL switching Power consumption: 700mA( typical) Power supply: 3.2-5.5V Video format: AVI Recording Size: 1280 * 720 @ 30fps Video output resolution: 640 * 480 Lens mirror diameter: M7 lens 10mm FPV Transmitter: Support memory card: Max 32G (CLASS10) Support video format: NTSC / PAL switch Output impedance: 55Ω Output signal strength: 14 ± 1dbmdBm Output power: 25mW 14dBm Output power: 50mW 17dBm Output power: 200mW 23dBm Wireless channel: 72CH Operating voltage: 3.2-5.5 V Working temperature: -10 - 60 ℃ 25 mW Current: 640-330 mA 50mW Current: 730-410mA 200 mW Current: 860-553 mA Audio carrier: None Weight: 6.8g Size: 30.3mm * 18.4mm * 11mm (without antenna, lens)   Feature:  4 In 1 AIO design, Super mini size and light weight 0/25mw/50mw/200mw Switchable With DVR function, images can be acquired and recorded in real time.   If you are interested in it, you can purchase it via Banggood website. It is only sold $ 28.99. By the way, if you happen need to purchase some FPV products, you also can choose Banggood, it will provide you with high-quality products at best prices, such as Frsky RX8R receiver, EV800 Goggle, etc. On the occasion of new year’ s coming, Banggood provides a 35% off coupon in FPV System & Multi Rotor part( in US warehouse) to the customers from Jan 3rd, 2017 to Jan 31st, 2017. The coupon code is RC35. You should catch this good chance!
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